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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brand New Day

Hello all it is Tuesday and life is good. My little dog was sick and as it turned out it was just a ruptured gland. While unpleasant she will be just fine. Because while yes she is 11yrs old I firmly expect her to live to be 20 hehe. OK so beyond my wishful thinking I do have a new adventure to share.
I spent 2 days just sitting in my living room with my dog so I could make sure she did not irritate her butt. So while sitting there it occurred to me my house need a redecorated. I don't think I never spent that much time just sitting there and now I want to change it all.
Now because I think I am funny I am hoping to do this entire redecoration by only doing several things.
1. Trading bartering of any kind for every thing from paint to fabric to who knows by the end maybe furniture.
2. Thrift stores
3. free cycle
4. Reuse and recycle of things I already have
So before I start with the bringing of things in it is time to purge.
I will be taking a photograph of our trash tomorrow and talking about how much stuff I have been throwing out over the last few days.
So start getting ready to hand me some crafty ideas.
ps. The picture up top is just a weird thing I did to entertain myself.

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