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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a little Giveaway

Howdy all well today I wanted to do some thing a little fun. As you all know I ask every week what you are grateful for so here is the contest. Just follow the blog and leave me a comment telling me what you are grateful for. All you need to tell me is just one thing and you are entered to win a 5x7 print of this painting. This contest is available in the U.S. and Canada Currently. Please leave me a way to get a hold of you to get your address.
Thanks so much for taking the time to enter now on with my own gratitude list.
I am grateful for so much this week.
1. I am grateful that what the husband did to fix the car appears to be still working wonderfully which puts my mind at ease.
2. I am grateful for the fun of watching all the cardinals and little finches in the backyard yesterday. They are so cute I just love them.
3. I am grateful for the warm weather that is coming are way. I want to open every window and breath some fresh new life in this house.
4. For finding stuff we forget we had I love digging threw random boxes of destash in my art cave and finding surprises.
5. For the Facts of Life Show. I have a cold and am enjoying watching it while nyquilled up on the couch.
So what are you grateful for this week.


  1. I love the Facts of Life too! I'll posting my Thankful Thursday Post tomorrow on my blog :) Best wishes on a successful giveaway!

  2. That is a hilarious painting! I am thankful for my husband and my daughter, they make every day so worthwhile!

  3. Nice list.

    I am also grateful for better weather. It was 51 today!

  4. I am grateful that I've had a cold bad enough to get me sent home for the most beautiful days of this week and yet I haven't been too sick to enjoy them-hehehe.