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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Redecorating The Bathroom

And first comes purging. So with a desire to redecorate I went with my bathroom first. It needs the least help and then I can mark it off my list. Well before I bring in new things it was time to take out the old. I went into the medicine cabinets, every thing and toss half used old shampoos and such then I went for the holy grail. The make up box.
I once needed a vanity for the load of toiletries I carted around but I had gotten it to just a large shoe box sized box. Well seeing as I believe to change one thing you need to change every thing I got radical. I picked out the cutest antique pepper mill box I had that I painted black because some one tried to take the varnish off. I loved it but never thought it could hold my essentials.
Well after tossing out 80% of my so called essentials I can now find what I want faster and even have all my lotions and eye creams in there to.
My rule was if I had not used it in 1 week it went. And as a gift to myself for doing so well I get to take a gift card I have to bath n body works and get myself a treat.

Rethinking what you have. I love this old box. It is a candy box from the late 40s early 50s. It has a raised relief of roses and that blue tile. But the poor thing has died. It has held my special treat myself soaps for years. It is time to let it go. So the lid may become wall art and who knows the box a tooled leather may be part of my next assemblage. But either way it is frayed and the lid came off time to take it out of the bathroom.

Let there be light. I had a really nice thick old fairy paper shade that was cute when we moved in. However it had faded and got cracks and was no longer cute but more Tinkerbell gone wrong. The bathroom is very small and only has one light which is over the sink. So I frosted the glass in the window with glass frost I already had and now I have tons of light and great privacy. For instance there is a house on the other side of that frost and you cannot see it.
Well I hope you like my redecorating ideas. When I finish the bathroom I will show you the whole thing.
ps. My gratitude list this week as it is Wednesday.
1. For spring cleaning yay
2. Most important to me my little dog feels all better who was sick last week.
3. For the awesome trade I did this week getting some Marshmallows I will be sure to let you all know how they are.
4. For the lovely weather we are in the 70s today friggin yay.
5. For the small buzz I have from the frosting the windows lol


  1. looks great cant wait to see more :)

  2. I want to see a pic of the pepper mill! Bathroom looks great so far :)