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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and The redecorating Continues

Howdy all and happy Saint Patricks Day. First I wanted to show you a project for my clay shop I am working on. I made a virtual cat pet for my other shop that was more humor than cute. That inspired this along with a lot of time spent thinking about animals this week which I will go into in a minute with my gratitude list.
So if you have any idea of my old school virtual pets please let me know what you would like to see.
Now the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful it is St.Patricks as I am looking forward to beer, corned beef and cabbage and some weird green desert. Hey gas is just a risk you have to take for St.Patricks.
2. I am grateful that yesterday when I was just feeling blue much like every one does from time to time I got a good slap with the reality stick that spending time feeling sorry for yourself is a huge waste of time. So today I am back up and running.
3. For the awesome man who is fixing yes another thing on our car. He is a friend. We brought him the parts and a case of beer and he is almost done. That is a real blessing as we have had a lot of extra expenses lately.
4. For the lovely April winchell. Yes I know some people do not like Regretsy. Get over it. This week she is auctioning off a bag on there and all the proceeds are going to help animals. I got to do a small part and make one of several charms that go on the handmade and truly awesome bag. Not only does her doing that remind me to keep trying to do good things but it also is a wonderful feeling to have donated just a little some thing that is part of a bigger project for good. OK good lord I sound sappy moving on now.
5. For my big slow kitty Peabody. He was not supposed to survive but with some extra attention did. He seems to have topped out at about the intelligence of a 6 month old kitten. That is fine because he is happy plays and has other kitty friends. He never has to go out and face the world or any thing. He is also hilarious because he has not learned the patience of the other cats. He has been casually walking up to any one doing any thing he wants to do or any where he wants to be and lighting fast smacking them repeatedly. We call it Ninja Strike and are trying to catch it on film. The best part is the other cats run in horror at his speed.
Well that is my gratitude list this week what is yours.
Now on to the redecorating. This is my first trial of colors for some basket cozies. And yes that is Nixon and Elvis there behind them. I do not particularly like Nixon but I do like Elvis and the post card has sentimental value.

I just pinned these they are going to hold our extra bath stuff like extra shampoos and such above the shower. I am debating if the color is good or to much. In a few days it will either be new fabric or sewn.
This is the other cozy. The shelving was just small white plastic shelves I have had forever but size wise they fit the bathroom. However you could see every thing stored on them. So I went to work making the cozy. It still needs a couple of buttons and maybe a trim on the bottom but you can get the idea.
Let me know what ya think yay or nay please. These are all things I already had and so far I have stuck to my goal. Friday I am heading out to find a few things.

Happy St.Pats


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