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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a Regretsy Art Show

So howdy all as you know I love to go over what I am grateful for from the past week each Wednesday. I would like to start though by talking about the Art Show.
The show is in Madison, Wisconsin. It is been pulled together and is being hosted by a wonderful lady in the Regretsy Book. Here is a link she can say it way better than me . The whole thing she has set up sounds so neat I hope if you live near it you can get a chance to check it out. Either way I would check out the link just to see her awesome work.
Now on to my gratitude list. Well lets see so many wonderful and kind things have happened I may be going over my stock 5 listings today.
1. I am so grateful to April of Regretsy, Alex Davies of flashnews, The Rude Awakening show, and Ardvarartkglass because I have had so many opportunities to do some really valuable work for my shop and business just handed to me. That is simply amazing and I am very grateful they all took the time to work with me.
2. For my kitties who stole a magnet then proceeded to kill it in the water dish and remove the eyes. Nothing keeps you grounded and laughing like cat sabotage.
3. That the old dogs took forever to tucker out when we played outside yesterday. It is good to see just how young at heart they are.
4. That my father actually said the words Ass Dialed when he called me up on his cell phone for the umpteenth time by accident. Some part of that makes me giggle.
5. That the husband is going to be surprised when he sees his birthday cake and gifts. Nothing is more fun that a good surprise.
6. For the spectacular weather that has made being out side a joy.
7. For the huge upsurge of customers I have had recently they really have all been great to work with and I appreciate them very much.
Well that's it for me see ya on the flip side


  1. What a great idea to list the things you're grateful for. #4 made me giggle, too! I'm not far from Madison, WI, so am going to check the link for the Art Show now.

  2. I love Cappy Sue! Your Wednesday list makes me teary. You are such a good soul, and you deserve all your success!