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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Crap I am going to be on the radio

Well I guess it was good I got brave because this morning I was contacted to do a phone interview for a radio show. The show is The Rude Awakenings Show on Station WOMC-FM 98.1 and the Gentleman who will be interviewing me is named Bulldog. It will be April 5th the day before the Regretsy Book comes out.
I am of course terrified because this will be my first radio interview but am so excited and thrilled they were kind enough to contact me. What a fun adventure.
So to check out there page because I listened to some of it this morning and it was loads of fun go here and then click on The Rude Awakening. Wish me luck yall.
Then if that is not fun enough I have more to post such as a Regretsy Art Show in Wisconsin. The wonderful person who is running that was kind enough to add me.
Then if you check out Regretsy you will see the trophy for the book contest. The wonderful April Winchell Hired my to make that trophy and I think it was the most fun I ever had with my clothes on. To see it go to and look at the contest.
Well off I go to get myself into more trouble. Oh the clown painting is just absurd and I thought why not share some absurd.


  1. Luck!!! That trophy is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever.

  2. hmm it is saying some one commented but some how I cannot see it thank you who ever you are mystery commentor :)

  3. Wow!So cool! Whoever wins is going to have the envy of every Regretsy fan! That trophy is a masterpiece!!!

  4. WOOHOO!! Have a wonderful interview - just relax and be yourself :)
    Hope you have an awesome Easter weekend!