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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Shop to Introduce you to And the upset over my penis

So First about the crazy last few days. Well lets see where to start. I have been staying up the redo of the house which is fun in the next couple of days I should have finished bathroom pics.
I have also been mildly obsessed with making jewelery which if you care to see you can find in my shop.
Now on the thing that has had me really happy. The sweet lady April Winchell who created regretsy has got many artist together to create a Regretsy designer bag. It has many wonderful accoutrement's as well the bag itself is freaking fantastic. Best of all this is to auctioned on ebay with all the money going to help Elayne Booslers Charity for animals. As you all know I kind got a thing for animals.
Well one of my little charms is on there a penis charm to be exact. Because Ebay has their heads firmly up their asses they took down the auction over my penis charm even though she had pixelated all but the face. And if you see it you will know that clearly it is barely recognizable as a penis. That was kinda the point of it.
While yes I find it very funny that in Ebays twisted brain I am to scandalous for mainstream. But my real hope is that it in no way effects the auction and the money they get to help animals. So I have been hovering checking the auction often hoping they get to keep going as they are because it is freaking awesome. So here is a link to Regretsy so you can find the wonderful Charity auction and hopefully get a great laugh at all the crazy stuff there.

Now on to the new shop I wanted to show yall. Well it is not actually new but it is amazing and nifty. These photos are of Acrylic and Steel this is the shop of the lady who won my vomiting unicorn print. You know she has to be fun if she wants a vomiting unicorn print.
The photos are her and then her hubby and little one. The shop is to cool. You will find every thing from really wonderful paintings to really cute little aceos like a pink deer to hand forged knives that are gorgeous. If your looking for a shop that is just huge in variety and all quality stuff click the link :) I hope you all love this great find of a shop.
Happy Weekend

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