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Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Days You Have To Be Brave

OK so you may ask why a picture of my mug. Mainly because I hate all pictures of my mug and a friend took this of me recently and it is part of my little post today about being brave.
Well I am all for stepping out of our comfort zones .
I am one of those people who loves my privacy and I will continue to do so. I also love doing stuff for a good laugh but am not fond of being in the spot light in any way. However that is not very helpful when looking to continue selling art work. Most people like to know a little about you.
So this week I took down my random art work avatar and made this my avatar. I also did a phone interview for a news thing. Terrified and sure I rambled I did it regardless because well I would be a fool not to.
I had to write a friend today and tell her my cats made a toy out of a magnet she is due to find out what she wanted to do about it. I dreaded writing that so before I had time to dread I just immediately wrote her.
So after all of this my little world is still just fine. So my thought for today try to be brave :)


  1. Way to go for being brave!! It is really nice to put a face to the name (I've been a fan of your regretsy comments for awhile! lol) Congrats on being in the regretsy book too!!!

  2. awe thanks so much I do love the regretsy to :)