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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where you get your crazy and who taught it to ya

These are my Grandmas. They were both so vital to my life and taught me so much. They were also the most opposite people you could ever want to meet.
The reason I am writing about them today is 3 reasons in one.
1. I was going to show you a photo of all the crap I tossed out yesterday but the damn rain was so hard last night that you could not see the trash.
2. I was going over photos to put out and thought of how these to lovely ladies taught me so much and wanted to share.
3. As I try to pull together what I see as beautiful I realized it is really just a giant accumulation of memories and lessons and bits passed down to me over the generations and a few new things I learned along the way.
So as for the trash we usually have 1 can this week I have 8 additional bags all just junk we had no need for.
The Grandmas Grandma G and Grandma M could not have been more opposite. On was married one was divorced. On was born in the 30s one in the early teens.
Grandma G never met a stranger and no matter what happened had a positive out look.
Grandma M is maybe the most comical person I ever met with the darkest sense of humor.
The best part they loved each other.
How they rubbed off and me and effect what I am doing now really is what makes me laugh. When going over art I have to keep several walls available for family I have no real memory off or who the photos of are older than either of my grands who are both sadly gone now.
Why is simple. Grandma M instilled in me the firm belief that those people watch over you and you need to let them know you appreciate it.
I also always have to leave room for a cross in every room just about. Why because Grandma G taught me it was like a blessing for each room. So while my religious views vary far from hers a devout catholic. I think the house looks naked with out them.
Grandma M taught me to judge keeping a item only on if you will be happy to see it when you dust it at least once a week. She would of applauded the trash pile.
Grandma G taught me as Great Grandma S taught her to always keep a nice cup set and sugar set on hand for when people swing by and some little some thing sweet in the house. I do not know how many times this has come in handy. To this day if I have guest coming and know it I buy donuts because my Great Grandma S always had a love of Dunkin donuts.
Heck I play music they listened to when working, My kitchen has lilac curtains that remind me of one of there favorite flower.
so in closing on this unduly long rant. Next time you do to design or do any thing really think about where your preferences come from. Do not get me wrong there is always room for change but I find a real comfort that it feels almost like they while both long gone have helped to make my house a home.


  1. Wow, I suppose it is time to do some spring cleaning myself. I never knew my grandmothers, it is nice that they were such big part of your life.

  2. How nice to have all of their advice and their lives to soak in. Kudos to you for this article. post