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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best F#@$ing Gratitude Wednesday Ever

Now it is only 12:30 a.m. so this is most likely my earliest gratitude wednesday ever. The photo I took earlier today or tuesday of a female cardinal. I just thought she was pretty and I would share.
So my husband had a late work meeting which left me at home late night with my brand spanking new Regretsy book. The thing is just stunning. I laughed just as hard at the stories of
Aprils life as I did at the mocking of our crafts. I read the whole thing from cover to cover and am so glad I did. It really really inspired what I am sure will be a new flourish of horrible paintings from my shop and just made for a great inspirational read. I never take myself to serious and it is so fun to read some thing that carries the same message.
So on to the gratitude list because well tomorrow I am sleeping in.
1. I am ever so grateful for being a part of the book and all thinks Regretsy. Not going to get mushy because well if I keep mentioning April in my gratitude list she may start thinking I am trying to date her.
2. I am grateful for my husband who proudly announced to any one he happened across that we were picking up a book his wife was in. He also directly asked me after I read my parts "are you OK? they were not to me? " the man is entirely to sweet and convinced one day he will find out I am made of glass.
3. For my Father and sister who took us out for steaks and fun. Watching my dad read it and laughing made the day. As well my sister who informed me she is taking it to show the ladies she works with tomorrow.
4. For my cat who passed gas on the neighbor today that was just freaking perfect and made me think he might need a whole tuna or some thing.
5. For finding the spray can today out shopping for the vintage shop I have a very evil idea I cannot wait to create.
6. For some thing else that just hit me today when I bought some garnet beads. That you really can make for yourself damn near any thing you need or want. That is very liberating to think that way and it made me smile.
So what are you all grateful for today.

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  1. I am so proud to be tagged in a post with cats, farting and steaks.

    I love you, Cappy.