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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop HiBird pefect for when it hits the fan

Ok so as you all know I love to bring you truly original shops. Well this one I also came across on Regretsy. When I had her help me get together a fathers day present I knew I had to share her with you all.
The Seller is HiBird her shop is great and always welcoming. She ships great I got mine in a Up cycled soda bottle. Which is awesome because it is green and the bottles are spotless and best of all your mail man will shake his head the whole way to your door. Now I want to introduce you to my favorites in her shop.
I love this because in the listing HiBird tells you about her husband and his journey with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma. She even welcomes you to read about his story at and the page name is cridersworkshop. I think being that open on the Internet which can often be full of vultures shows just how much heart her and her hubby have. Not to mention what a great gift for some one who has dealt with cancer and who in this day and age does not know some one who has had cancer. OK before I get into gushy teary eyed mode lets move on.

This is her world famous Regretsy Toilet paper. It cracks me up I love how it is placed on cards.
I can just imagine the surprise when some one gets this as a present.

Now these are the two she made me to go in a gift basket for my dad for fathers day. Thankfully my father does not do computers so no worries of him seeing this. These are inside and nasty family jokes that I will spare you the gory details to but I think you can figure it out. What I love though is how perfect and one of a kind these are. They will make his day. I cannot believe I am the only person out there with a Bathroom humor father so what better time to feature this shop than prior to fathers day.
So if you want to have a good laugh and maybe get some really cool one of a kind items like her other stuff such as a panty liner book mark check out this shop.
thanks and have a great day all.


  1. Thanks so much for the review. Cappy you are the greatest.

  2. thanks for sharing great gift ideas!