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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Featured Shop Helps Animals Pomegranite80

OK so I found this wonderful seller via Regretsy and have been in love with her donkeys ever since. She makes and sells them to support her miniature donkey rescue. She not only creates these whole dioramas but writes the most comical little poetry rhymes to go with each item. My package came super fast and she packaged it up great and it was like opening a present. So as you all know I have been working on sprucing up the house. I did not buy this with that in mind I just loved it and wanted one as a little present to myself. Then after I thought about it how perfect to add some fun to my bathroom. So here it is in a place of honor just in front of Elvis.
Here are some other fantastic donkeys from her shop.

I am fending off the desire to grab this laundry one till I get to sprucing up my laundry room. So to me getting some thing and helping animals is just a great win win so here is a link if you would like to add some of her cute beyond imagination items to your shop. I love her quirky style and would recommend her to any one who loves some thing truly unusual.
Thanks yall have fun checking it out

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