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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gold Lame and other disturbing things

Gold Lame I suspect might be magic. Why is simple. I have noticed when any one else has gold lame it never looks good. The only time it looks good it when you buy it or make some thing of it. For instance making this it seemed kind cute to me. Then After imagining if I saw it walking down the street I laughed out loud picturing the poor mislead fashionista that would have it in her hands. This did nothing to stop me from listing it because I suspect there are others our there like me who would carry this bag proudly just for the fun of the stares.

So beyond the whole bag of humor I am working today on several things. One is a mural which I will be heading of shortly to work on and second it the redo of the house. Yep that is still going on. So I have started putting pretty white decorative paper in the back of my enclosed bookcase. Next it may get some marble sticky paper or the shelf parts. I can just feel the absurd coming on.
So with that have a good weekend yall and yes there will be pictures coming soon.

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