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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a little bonus

So before I get to my usual rant I want to take note that HiBird the great shop I featured yesterday wrote me with a little bonus for you all. She said to let you know that if you purchase from her and put "Cappy" in the note to seller she will issue a paypal 10% refund. How sweet is that. So again here is her shop just in case you are to lazy to scroll down hehe
Now on to my usual nonsense. I was coming back up the stairs to the art cave and looked up and out the window at how beautiful it is outside with the wind and the sun and a cool 70 degrees. So I took a photo just to appreciate it. I hope you like it.
On to the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for a lovely ring I won on the Kansas etsy street teams giveaway. There will be pictures soon. I love it and keep picking outfits just to match.
2. That it is so pretty out I do not remember the last day the Air conditioning was on. Not only great for money but also great to have the breeze coming in the house.
3. For my friends many of my odd cohorts and worked their way out of the wood to tell me hello this week and it has been much loved and enjoyed. Some times you can easily forget how great friends are wonderful.
4. For the poor husband who is working loads of overtime this week and next and his only complaints are lack of sleep and time with me and his cat. That is a good husband.
5. For finally being done with the reorganization of my art cave. I have been in and out all this week but am still doing much more production because it is better organized.
6. Oh this is just funny but I got asked to do another radio interview. Now of course they wrote I responded and never heard back but ya know it is still just as exciting when asked. However I really should try to figure out how I am running them off.
So what are you grateful for this week?

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