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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and New clay stuff

Howdy all it has been a good week still getting over the cold I had while most symptoms are gone allergies or what not still have my throat very sore and congested. I have coughed so much I sound like a x rated version of Micky Mouse. What can I say I cuss a lot.
The little clay thing above started out as a bassinet magnet. Now I am thinking it looks more like a ruffled little pastel Mrs.Pacman.
So on to the gratitude list.
1. I am very grateful for our anniversary yesterday been married to the hubby 8yr and with him 10. To my surprise neither of us has attempted murder on the other so I am very happy about that.
2. For the nice friends I have made doing this regretsy book from the Author April to the people in it. They have all been so friendly and nice it feels like our own little club.
3. Very grateful for my sister. She is crazy mad as a hatter and very picky and blah blah blah but I was just reminded of how she had cancer a few years ago and made a full recovery. Some how the picky matters way less and the laughing matters way more.
4. Grateful for the husband as when I mentioned it was our anniversary he was a saint about me not feeling good and did every thing he could think up to make it still very special. I have a wonderful husband.
5. For crazy dreams especially those induce by NyQuil because well I have plenty of new inspiration.
What are you grateful for ?

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