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Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning From Others

Well it is ungodly early here 6:30 here and well usually with the hubby's shifts the regular morning here is closer to 8:30. So I got this photo of my big fat kitty here relaxing against Alf. The reason I am showing this picture is that when I saw how relaxed my kitty looks I realized he is way smarter than me. Peabs short for Peabody his name earned from constantly being urinated on by his kitten siblings has the right idea.
He never stresses and if he feel stress coming on he takes a nap. So this weekend as I realized I had turned my cold into a infection and was coughing blood. Had stressed so much over missing a opportunity and some thing else completely out of my control that I had managed to lock my neck up so I could not even turn it.
That was when it occurred to me to try a little experiment over the weekend. Every time I felt stressed I forced relaxation.
I took a nap when I could not figure out how to do some thing. I watched a silly movie I love as opposed to work on some thing I did not have to finish. When family stuff beyond my control occurred I grilled and went on a picnic drive with husband.
I am happy to report that this morning my cold seems better, I have creatively solved several issues and I can now mostly turn my head.
So my little thought for today is to never ignore the idea of learning from others even if it happens to be your cat.
have a great day yall


  1. oh my, Alf! If I could tell you how many times I watched that show with my son when he was young. Made the mistake of taping them, hehe. thanks for the reminder...


  2. Girl ~ you've got the right idea! I am happy to hear your cold sounds better. Peabody sounds like he has the right attitude! LOL