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Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I learned This last week

Howdy all well I have been sick not about to die or any thing just a big cold the last few days but thankfully most of that has cleared up.
I spent the time off spring cleaning as I cannot stand to sit and do nothing. The work you see above is a altered image from a pastel that I did when I was about 16 or so. I am confused by many parts of this like why the dolphin is in orange water and shooting pink water from his nose. Then the mystifying underwater unicorn is a fright. And last but not least the vary weird shape of the mermaids face. I figure altered it is at least a little more fun.
Last night I sat down to journal I like to keep a sorta inventory of what I do because otherwise a week from then I will have no idea what happened.
Any how I realized I had learned a lot this week and I wanted to share.
1. Apparently I drank more than I realized as a teen hence the underwater unicorn.
2. Cats will steal any thing no matter how dull if they have reason to believe you might want it.
3. when you open a box of keepsakes and can only identify where about 20% of it comes from it might be time to just toss the whole damn thing.
4. if you have saved a item for a project over 2 yrs toss it. yes that's right just toss it.
5. If you journal don't bother putting in the stuff that pisses you off when you go back and read it you will just be pissed off all over again.
6. This is the most important of all the things I learn. Never ever under any circumstances let your significant other have any thing to do with your alarm clock if you really need to be some where.
I hope you all have a great day and would love to hear what you learned over the weekend.


  1. you make some fine points here. I still can't seem to do number 4 and I need to start doing number 5!!

  2. hehe thanks so much. I am still working on #4 and number 5 has been introduced permanently :)