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Monday, May 24, 2010

Beating the heat and enjoying the day

This is a very weird little work of mine and not my normal oddness. I like it though. Recently I have been moving in a lot of new work directions which I can only assume has to do with getting older as I will be 32 later this week. I think it may also have to do with trying to do new things and stepping out of my comfort zone.
So this week is going to be all about beating the heat and finding creative ways to do so. I hate just sitting inside on these unbearable humid and hot days. Here are my little tips for beating the heat I would love to see some of yours here as well.
1. I always pick this time to pull out my summer art, fabrics any thing cheerful. I find the more outdoors I can bring in the less I hate being indoors.
2. For the hottest part of the day pull out some of your favorite summer movies. I like the goofy stuff.
3. Iced tea becomes a staple for me. I love to throw in some fresh mint one day maybe some cherries another just keep it interesting.
4. I get very into the garden in the early a.m. and dusk.
so happy Monday yall and how do you beat the heat.

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