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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Censorship Beyond Reason Hits Etsy

So as many of you are Etsy shoppers and store owners I feel I have to say some thing in a forum where Etsy cannot close it down as they have done most threads on the topic. The photo above is the loosest interpretation of meeting the rules Etsy has set forth for us mature art sellers. I can choose just to cover up any thing that is genitalia or such or I am allowed to make a first image so you would have to click on that which clearly states what it is prior to seeing the full image.
I have always followed this rule it is fair enough but still allows for plenty of visibility. I do not see how any child could make out any thing from this picture as I can barely make it out and I painted it.
I love Etsy truly it has been a very wonderful and open minded place to sell my art. They have helped me with business and I have brought customers as well. That was until this new absurd censorship that was never discussed with us. They intend to make all mature items which it appears will include any thing "not for general audiences" which best I can tell would be 6yr olds no longer show up in searches by default. You would have to go in and do some type of setting to even see a whole slew of items. All of the items that you no longer will see would be covered just like mine up there.
Now here is the big issue. Some people in every group do not follow the rule so when some one does not in mature you end up with a photo of a clay penis or some thing which is a problem for some. So as opposed to hiring people to enforce the rules etsy has decided to punish tons of sellers for the actions of a few.
I pay my fees and set up on Etsy and built my business because of there take on mature art. Then they pull the rug out from under tons of sellers and refuse to really address the issue.
So please if your a seller or a shopper show etsy you are mad. Put it in your avatar, comment in the forums or better yet write them I will not link Etsy here because I have not asked permission but you can easily click on my shops or google them and tell them how you see it.
I may very likely catch hell for writing this and if I do you will know but I felt it needed to be said.


  1. The whole situation is completely disheartening.

  2. You don't have to have permission to link to someone. Ever.

  3. ooh good to know I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot but I do not think I could sleep at night if I did not speak up. Thank you both for commenting :)

  4. hmmm... I never realized the mature thing was an issue on etsy (of course, maybe I should read a forum or two more than once every 6 months). I search for all kinds of stuff (all the time) and have never "accidentally" gotten mature items. It's too bad that a couple people break a rule and mess it up for other sellers.

    That's nice to know about the linking (I didn't know that either!).