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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clouds, Vipers and goals

So recently I have noticed a shift not sure if it is the weather that makes me want to enjoy life more or simply that I have been very busy and am happy for the down time. In any case I have spent a lot of time this week doing little nice things and wanted to remind every one to make time for those little things that make you happy.
For me it is clouds. I have so many pictures of clouds now that I love one wall in my living room is slowly being covered in cloud prints.
Then Vipers that figures in as a song I just found and love and keep listening to. It is called Viper Mad and the artist is Carolina Chocolate Drops. It is a reefer song which I love my favorite is a recording of "If Your A Viper" from the late 40s early 50s. Not sure why but those songs always crack me up I don't know maybe thoughts of youth :)
Then there are goals. I find that if I can keep myself making reasonable goals I feel better. So those are my little secrets what are yours?

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