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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Well it has been a good week with lots of reasons to be grateful. Before I go into that I want to say that this is just a little 5x7 painting I did of a woman I keep seeing in my dreams. It is probably odd but I really like her dress.
So on to the gratitude list.
1. I am so grateful that my sisters birthday was a ball. She laughed and smiled and seemed to have a great time. It is my firm belief that every one should have a night all about them every once in a while.
2. I am very grateful that I found a stash of pre cut mat board that I like to paint on and forgot about as I am almost out of canvas and like to change it up from time to time.
3. That even though my little kitty has to have surgery on his paw it is a inexpensive surgery and that we can swing it. I hate that he needs it but am so glad it is not one of those thousands of dollar deals. I am also grateful for my wonderful vets office I have total trust in the people that work there .
4. That my super hero penis painting keeps making me laugh and I have not been this entertained by some thing I made for a long time. All I can say is he has a emblem on his chest that says S.D. which I am sure you can figure out.
5. I am very grateful for the nice things I have seen this week. One was a teen being really sweet with his dog. I live in a place where hearing of people being arrested for dog fighting is not uncommon. So to be reminded that not only can teens be sweet but people in general makes me happy.
6. Of course as always Regretsy shows up. April Winchell the woman who creates the magic that is Regretsy did yet another charity effort. She helped a fellow artist who was in the Regretsy book. Besides the fact I think that alone is great it is the Regretsy fans who impressed me beyond belief. I wanted to help and logged on yesterday to go pick out a Mug. I have been wanting a mug from the website and intend on ordering it as a little birthday gift for myself and as a little gift for the charity fund. Well good lord they beat me to it. In one day people pulled together and kicked ass to the point they had already raised the money needed.
Now that wont stop me from getting my mug but it does just floor me and remind me just how many good hearted people are out there and that is some thing to be truly grateful for.
7. For the fact that other than having to stay up and keep old dogs calm we were unscathed by the storms last night.
So what are you grateful for?

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