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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Gratitude Wednesday is always a day I look forward to. All week I try to write down those little happy bits to share and hope people enjoy and it reminds them of the happy little moments from day to day in their own lives.
So this week I have a variety for ya.
1. For the old crazy gray kitty who won the king of the hill game and claimed my new throw rug I made for my living room. While yes it is a odd choice most things in my home are a little odd.
2. I am grateful that I was came across a chance to help a lady make a gift basket for a auction that is part of a huge cancer benefit that she is doing. The lady is very young a survivor and really just inspirational. She is such a fighter I think she might need to start wearing a viking hat and toting a shield. She really just puts things in perspective. Here is a link in case you want to donate in any way. Also Regretsy is doing a bunch of work to help with the cause and here is a link for them as well. They have several ebay auctions to support this and a deal if you buy a book on amazon. this is her link then here is a link to one of the Regretsy auctions for the same cause just in case any of you want to support it or check it out.
3. I am grateful for air conditioning. We went straight from 60s -80s and well frankly screw that it is humid and icky and I think the sound of the humming AC might make good meditation music.
4. For the fact the car is back in tact as well the dogs butt. Now if we can just finish up with the down and out kitty paw maybe we can have a good summer.
5. For my birthday this weekend. Nothing like cake, drinks and not being dead. I mean yes I will be a year older I will be 32 but what other options are there really. Vampire no I like the daylight and I am claustrophobic. Zombie hmm no why be alive if you cannot enjoy it. So I shall be having some fun this weekend and will try to remember to get pics.
So what are you grateful for this week.

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