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Friday, May 21, 2010

It's A New Day

Well recently I have spent a lot of time being angry with Etsy and just feeling in a rut. So I am breaking out of said rut. Etsy knows how I feel so till I hear from them what they are going to do there is not much more I can do. So I am shaking up my stuff. I have changed the colors to a more spring summer feel would love opinions by the way.
these two works above are part of 4 panels of flowers I am doing. Flowers are not my usual thing but I wanted to do some thing a little different. I made my first couple of treasuries which I loved it is like making your own magazine page.
Then later this week is my birthday. As opposed to being a grump about all the things that are wrong I am going to make a avid attempt to go out and have fun as was planned. After all hell I or any one else could be dead before our next birthday you never know so enjoy the moment.
So I am off to make myself a strawberry throw rug and yes you will see it soon.
love Cappy

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