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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today I realized I am not a hobo

So all the time I come on here and say we should take care of ourselves by taking a break, meditation, hot bath what ever ya like. Well it really struck me today how very crazy I have been. I went to get dressed going to run out to mail packages this morning. My plain old tennis shoes which were hurting me feet for some time finally completely cracked and had to be replaced. God forbid I should replace them before I absolutely had to. So I put that on my little to do list then thought OK let the dogs out while you get dressed.
So I put the dogs out then go to pull out clothing to go with the my other shoes. This is the point when my dogs go bat shit crazy barking. I go out to find they have got a rabbit running all over the yard for its little life. I rush out to stop them from eating rabbit because well they already get food.
Just as I get out there I feel a big draft and realize I have only gotten partially dressed and have no undies. Just then I see the neighbor and realize the reason I can feel a draft is because I have still got a nightgown on with a whole in the side of the butt.
So as my dogs and my humiliated ass go back in the house I think OK time to add to the list a new night gown.
When I went to go shopping I found some shoes of course I went to payless and got myself the best deal I could find. Then I hit the closest place a Fashion bug for a night gown.
What do I do head right over for the clearance rack and that was when it hit me.
I had no problem laying down money for the husband to get new clothing 2 weeks ago. When the cat cut his paw I did not blink. When my sisters birthday came up I got her just what I wanted to. So why in the hell am I treating myself like a hobo who has no money and has to live in depression era poverty. My husband is constantly telling me to buy myself stuff if I need it so no pressure there. Then I realized some where along the way I forgot it was OK to make myself a priority as well.
You always here it is woman with children who forget that. Well I am here to remind us all that even those with out kids can do the same thing. I mean there was no reason on Gods green earth that I needed to be wandering around in a nightgown in that sad of shape. As a matter of fact when I started to get only one night gown I said to myself hey ya cheap bastard get two so I got a pretty one and a casual one.
So yes this story was embarrassing to tell but I am hoping it reminds us all to take care and make ourselves a priority once in a while.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Take better care of yourself girl! All of us ladies need to do that :)