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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When Things Go Wrong Laugh

OK as most of you who know my blog know I find nothing more humorous then when I mess up some thing. First is the tiny freaky Techno Angel stocking holder above. Not so much messed up just occasionally you make some thing so absurd you do not know what to do with it. My father and sister found it and actually thought it was cute and wanted to know if they can have them when I make it a set. This tickled me endlessly because I look at it and turn red thinking wth did I make. Then this was for my sisters birthday. My cheesecake with white chocolate sauce was going great. Then I thought hmm I should go ahead and get the happy birthday written on it while I have a little extra pre party time. So I got out the gel and thought the sauce was thick enough for it to just rest on top. I was wrong this is actually improved before they floated off so badly it said bappy irhtday Cin. So while yes I botched it made for lots of laughter and baking skill mocking. Thankfully it was still yummy.
So I share this hoping you will find some humor in your next train wreck of a project.

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  1. hehe well I'd still eat it no matter what it said ;) well unless it said "rats inside" or something..