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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Challenge Update

So why am I starting off with this giant ring? Because I got photos of it and the pitcher that I needed to help me get them dated and identified.
It is a very very hot summer day here. I am thinking it may be time for some margaritas. OK I will wait till after noon.
So here is how I did with my list this week.
1. I wanted to finish the rewrites on my book. Well I started them but kept putting it off and suddenly it was Friday. so that is a no.
2.I have been working on my secret project for kids and am pretty proud hoping to list some of it in the next few days. so that is a yes.
3. I got about half the aceos I wanted to do done. that is a no.
4. one bathroom cozy down and one to go which I will do today so I am counting that as a yes.
5. Quilt is not finished as I ran out of thread. I have picked up more and will see if I can swing it by midnight. However that is still a no.
6. I did reorganize the fridge but the bills and pantry only partly. so that is a no.
7. art fire is only 50% spiffed so that is a no
8. have done my yoga feeling nice and limber so that is a yes
9. made lots of new clay stuff this week so that is a yes.
10. I did get a little photography time in very happy with the results so that is a yes.
11. yep got photos for flickr so that is a yes .
this means that I am 5 no and 6 yes which is better than half and many of those things are partly done. So I am happy as well I will try even harder next week. I am going to come back and write out my to do list for next week.
So what goals have you met this week?

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