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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Some Other Crap

So first out of a duty to the weird I must say "it's peanut butter jelly time". Now with that out of the way let me work out the gratitude stuff. This week has been great I have so much done in fact I am taking a day off to just write pretty much.
1. I am grateful for the fact I seem to be getting on those little things caught up which helps me to relax. Recently I have been having sleep terrors and waking nightmares which are always more frequent when stressed. So less stress means more nights I sleep like a normal person. For those nights I am eternally grateful.

These are my crazy new poop earrings I just make them because they make me laugh. 2. I am grateful for the fact my father seemed to have a ball at the little event we had for him for fathers day. He drives me crazy and call s with weir questions, shares tmi about his bodily happenings but he will not be around forever and I am so glad we have this time together.

What can I say but this is my disco pig. I love her. 3. I am grateful that my sister has had a great vacation after having a very stressful few months before. always makes me happy to see her happy.

Meet the Candy man hat made from a old jello mold I beat the crap out of. 4. I am grateful that I had a really good time going out to the river even with the heat and getting photos which are soon to come. It always feels like home.
5. I am grateful to my kitty for the last 3 days he has broke some thing. While yes I know him breaking some thing does not sound good it was all crap I hate and will no longer have to clean so really a win win.
So what are you grateful for this week?
love cappy

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