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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gratitude Wendsday

Howdy all been a busy but crazy and fun week here.
I have lots to be grateful for.
1. I turned 32 and was taken all over the place and got some great gifts. Always nice to feel so very loved.
2. My Regretsy Cosmic Yak mug showed up I actually smiled before I got done with the coffee when I used it.
3. creativity seems limitless currently at times it seems to shrink to nothing but right now it is in full bloom. God help the poor people that have to see my work.
4. For exercise as we have been overwhelmed with a lot of stress from things breaking, family issues, pets having to see the vet a lot I find it very easy to get down or nervous. Exercise always helps me to keep my head on straight.
5. for the fact my little kitty will be done with his paw surgery and home Friday.
So what are you all grateful for this week?
love cappy

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