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Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Challenge

Ok Recently I have felt just over whelmed like I could not really get every thing done I wanted. So I have tried every way possible to get a break here or a break there. Every time I have done this I only come back feeling guilty that I took a break because I thought of all the things I should have done. So This is my logic. I am going to take the summer and do every freaking thing I possibly can I am going to work from the moment my little eyes pop open till I go to bed. I want to see what will happen if I put that kind of force into all the things I want to do. It might be a burning out but it may also be a huge clearance of things.
So Each week I am going to have a to do list. I will be doing it from Friday to Friday. So here is the list for this week.
1. finish the book I have nearly finished writing for almost 2 yrs. I need to go back and do rewrites that is all. Just finish it. later I can get it cleaned up and decide if I want to try and market it.
2. Work on a new secret project for my craft shop. It is some thing I made a long time ago for kids and I want to try to do again.
3. get 10 aceos done as I tend to have them sell fairly fast out of my shop
4. Finish the cozies for the bathroom I am 90% done in there and have yet to finish
5. Finish first hanging lap quilt it is coming along cute but I wander off.
6. reorganize the bills, fridge, and the pantry I can find nothing in any of them.
7. finish filling up my artfire shop do a general spiffing up of the place.
8. Yoga or work out for at least 5 days I always feel better when I do it.
9. make some new clay items
10. do some playing with the photography and try to get some new prints going
11. take photos of things I need help identifying age on for flickr
OK that is my list besides all my usual stuff . If I finish it all early I will add to it and if I finish it all on time yay. Either way this is going to be the summer of action for me.
What is your goal?

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