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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I learned This last 2 weeks

Hello all yes I know I was supposed to write on Saturday but well I got so into this constantly being active thing I sorta ran out of time. Any how I have learned several things over the last week and I wanted to share them. First the kitty pillow above is real cute but well it started as just a wall hanging. I have learned I can sew very and I emphasize very simple things. Any thing very difficult and I cannot sew it. This is good to know as it helps me plot future creative endeavours.
I have learned I do like making jewelry more than I thought and I am actually pretty happy with my casual cocktail rings. Which is nice as I love to occasionally realize I do have some skills not just drive. Also it is a great reminder to never stop broadening your horizons.

I have learned no matter what you do to it a kotex with googley eyes is just fucking creepy. I made this as part of a effort a group of friends are doing to get April Winchell on the Chelsea Handler show. They are both very comical to me so I would love to see this. I also learned I should not be allowed to own foam stickers.

I learned that I can really add more dimension to my stores if I so chose. These are my new line of kid napkins and rings. Meant to be fun and encourage manners with kids at the dinner table. After all I would like just once to see my nieces or nephew not grab a sleeve when they finished dining.
I also learned that I am not good at keeping up with this blog right now as I am trying to get so much done. So I am going to keep doing my Wednesday post over the summer but that will pretty much be it.
So in closing I am grateful for
1. my friends
2. my hubby
3. coffee coffee coffee
4. for my little dog who needs butt surgery but is not in bad pain and really old so we may not do it for fear it will kill her as her little heart is a bit weak we will deciede while we save up for it. I am grateful that she loves to snuggle and play.
5. I am grateful my kitty has a healthy little paw and is back to playing in the world.
so what have you learned and what are you grateful for this week.

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