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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Things Make A House A Home

So any Normal person looking at this would probably see a random collage of crap. I see that to but it is my crap so that's OK. I have forever been trying to get this bookcase to look perfect. When I finally realized that was just not going to happen because I wanted it personal and person is rarely perfect it started to work.
I pulled out our memorabilia boxes. The ones with the stuff that is weird but you just have to have it. I also pulled out those family heirlooms that do not match any thing so you keep them hidden away. So those 2 things have built a home here in my bookcase and I love it. I put contact paper on the bottom of the shelf and scrapbook paper in a white embossed patter on the back to give it a real pop.
The top shelf has the family bible which I list every one including like family members in as they go. All kinds of old records and papers I have collected. Some bookends my sister painted for me. All things I love and hold dear.
The second shelf has our wedding photo, my grandfathers mug, my 3 stooges plate because it was one of the first things me and the hubby liked. A car the hubby made as a kid, a Spam can he made into a belt buckle as a gag because many moons ago that was his nickname. Seeing those little things makes me smile every time I pass by. So nights like tonight when it has been a long few days and I feel a little low it is wonderful to look over and see these little things.
Would love to know what you do to make your house a home.

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