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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Spirit Of Adventure

This is my newest little painting. It was inspired by a wonderful man I knew. When I was very little 4 or 5 Mr.Clark was my neighbor. Him and Mrs.Clark were just wonderful people. He was one of my fill in Gramps and both of mine were gone by the time I was a toddler.
Mr.Clark was one of those people who had gusto for everything he ever did. He drove a huge station wagon like it was a tank. Would stop traffic in a huge line so he could pull out with style. He cut his grass on his giant riding lawn mower with what I can only describe as aviator goggles and a big red scarf.
He liked our dog that was a laundry thief because it had no use for the boundaries of the yard. They would regularly go and take the walk to the mail box together. Mr.Clark with a cane that had a shiny strip and Max our dog just happy to be with his friend.
Mr.Clark told me I was a pistol and did everything in his power to encourage adventure in my personality to my mothers great dismay. Just recently I remembered what a fun man he was and how he effected me and wanted to share his zest for life.
He is gone now has been for over a decade but to this day when I am doing something just to be absurd I smile and think of Mr. &Mrs. Clark. So today as we get ready to celebrate our few remaining freedoms I want to encourage you with the spirit of Mr.Clark to go have a adventure.
After all your a pistol.
Happy 4th


  1. well, i thought i posted, but i dont see it. lets try again.
    wonderful story cappy! i love it

  2. Mr Clark would be so thrilled that you still think of him. Lovely memory glad you shared it. Love your painting of him with the red scarf flapping:)

  3. awe thank you all so much for commenting I am thrilled you enjoyed it. Krishenka I think he would like that he was such a sweet heart.