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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Give Away Name My Ugly

Ok this is a pretty easy contest. I love to make little dolls and such from time to time. What started out as a cupcake plush went to hell in a hand basket. I can never leave a project unfinished so I went to work finishing it off. Your job is easy just give me a name for this horrible little stitched up doom.
The rules are easy you can enter as many names as you like from now-Wednesday. I will write them all down then pick out my top 5 favorites. I will let the husband chose the winner and the runner up. All you do is tell me the name and make sure you either are a fan on Facebook or a follower here.
I will announce the winner Thursday. First place gets the Regretsy inspired Snark Gun. This giveaway is not affiliated with Regretsy I just love it and know a lot of my friends do as well.

Those are a couple of picks of this odd little item for the grand prize. The runner up will recieve the ugly little monster I made.
Thanks so much for reading
Cappy!/pages/Cappy-Sue-Creations/235915893882 so you can see the facebook page.

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