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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And a How to

well the above is a very simple ornament you could make it way more festive. I made it out of a little chip wood oval, paint and a couple of jewelry bits. Now I made it super simple because I am trying to get some very plain ornaments for a small tree we put in out bedroom. This bear was on a old gift card package from a store. My Grandmother had written on it so I was having trouble figuring out what to do with it. I also loved the bear. So I made this out of it. I think she would like it and you could do this with bits of any cool paper keepsake. on the back is the part where she wrote my hubbys name and hers. Took 5 minutes and I love it.
Now for the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful that no matter what happens in this world the good the bad the bland what ever my husband has been with me in this life. Can you guess he got pretty sick this week and worried me. I am sure he is fine but it still is just a reminder of how much I adore him.
2. That my dad is getting ready for another birthday. He is crazy and drives me mad. The man thinks the computer is magic and is pretty sure I have fallen and died any time he calls and I do not answer by the 3rd ring. But again I adore him too.
3. For all the wonderful people from the critiques to the helping hands and the wonderful fans and customers that I have gotten in my little art world goals. No matter how much I paint till my hands feel like they want to fall off or work on a little craft till my fingers are full of needle pokes. I love this and am grateful for any time I get to spend doing it.
4. For the fact this horrible heat wave appears to be gone. Neither me nor my electric bill had any love for that crap.
5. For music. Right now I have Billy Swan, Abba, Abagail Washburn and about a million other songs at my finger tips. I love it.
So what are you grateful for?

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