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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday My heart is over flowing

This has been a great few weeks. Just when the summer heat wave slump was hitting me full force things started cropping up. I got into Strangefolk art festival which I adore. Then Bronwyn contacted me to be in her exhibit which is like a freaking dream. To top it off I have had 3 sales in the last 2 days and one request from a person whom I drool over their work to possibly trade. S0 here is a link to the show it starts tomorrow. If you live near Brooklyn, NY and would like to go. I know there will be lots of other artist there some I am new to and some I have adored for some time. So here is a link so you can see whats what
Now on to the Gratitude list.
1. I am grateful that this heat wave appears to be heading to a end. I would really like it if the last thing I say is not "It is so Fu@#*** hot"
2. I am grateful very grateful for the opportunity and chances that have come to me the last few years from Regretsy to Etsy to Strangefolk to Bronwyn and many other to many to mention. I know I can do a lot by myself if I work really hard but truly am so grateful for the fact they took the time to work with me.
3. I am grateful that my fat old dogs stopped panting after I gave them a super short hair cut. They look awful but they are cooler.
4. I am grateful for my sister who is a little older than me and has always been my role model of you can do any thing just start working at it. I see here now trained and doing composites for the police taking classes getting certified to do post mortem reconstruction on heads. Yes apparently creepy runs in the family but I am so grateful to have had her around all these years and hope to do so for many more.
5. For my family from my nieces and nephews to my husband to my pets. They all just make this world a fun place to be.
so what are you grateful for this week?

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