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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Hi all this is my painting called the tomato lover. I painted this thinking about my grand and the 1000 other very senior ladies I remember as a kid who wore little house dresses and stockings at their knees because they had water on their legs and about a million other little issues. They never let that keep them from those gardens though. I love that determination and wanted to do my best to show it.
So I have tons tons I say to be grateful for.
1. I am grateful a woman who I have been a fan of Bronwyn Keenan bought not one but 2 of my paintings to put in the first exhibit she has chosen to curate in some time. I have been screaming and howling like a goof for a week now. The show is being supported by Etsy as well and will be going to Berlin later. This will be the first time one of my paintings has made it that far for a show of any kind. Here is a link if you would like to see the artist in it.
2. I am grateful for my sweet husband who never stops trying. He decided to do some thing sweet and made me breakfast in bed one day. Now he had some issues which made it hilarious a small grease fire and some thing bad happened to my coffee creamer but hey after 8yrs of marriage the fact he still does sweet stuff makes me adore him and my stinky kitchen.
3. I am grateful for the fact I sewed some thing and it actually came out looking as planned. Sweet Jesus I never thought that would happen.
4. That my pets and me are all just enjoying the heat wave in our house with fans and AC. Air conditioning is very special to me at the moment.
5. For bad movies, music all that stuff. It all makes for great inspiration.
So as always talk to me people what are you grateful for?

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