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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Decoration Lots of Fun

This is some thing I am sure many people have done but me and a kid did this one and have had a ball. I took 2 small cardboard boxed and cut out the roof and used the other as a base. I hot glued the roof and all the add ons. one coat of black craft paint and we glued some sheer bright fabrics inside the windows. My friends 10 yr old helped me with this it took us about 5 minutes to decorate it. I had already done the box cutting and painting it black.
I am hoping to have a few more little kids over and we are going to add the finishing touches. If you cut a small hole in the back and run a little village lite in there you have your own fun one of a kind spooky house. I thought this might be a fun idea for the fall as a family craft you can make it super elaborate or very simple. Best of all if you love it you can keep it and pull it out each year if not scrap it and make a new one the next year.
Hope you all like this idea. Also if your not super crafty any major discount store has tons of stuff you could nab to use as add ons.

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  1. What a great idea Cappy.... You are so creative!!!!