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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine, Coffee and Favorites

It is a little after 7 here and I have a little stack of soon to be sewn items sitting next to me. I spent most of the last half hour just sitting outside with coffee enjoy the 50 degree weather with the sun coming up and drinking coffee. It is a gorgeous morning and nothing keeps me grounded like watching a lovely morning like that unfold.
Now this goofy thing you see above is something I made as a Halloween decoration. I love to try new weird items and I like this enough it may just go up in my shop. Over the last year or so to be honest since I have fallen in with the Regretsy and the Trade group on Etsy I have felt a weird sense of liberation for my crazy. Both groups have been very supportive of making things outside the box. While I had always done that anyway because it is just my natural state I just feel very blessed to know people who still want to see skill and effort but as well a real point of view.
Seeing the works of friends on every thing from giant oil paintings to the friend who makes tutus has been really inspiring. I have no idea what the hell I am ranting about just saying I guess that I love all the creative people in my life. They are my favorites.
Well off to do some listing and sew some stuff.

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