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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shiny new give away

So here is the new big shiny giveaway. I am filling this purse with one new item a day to be listed each day on my FB fan page. You can enter the drawing to win it by doing any one these things.
1. following the Fan page and commenting on the new item each day. only the first comment counts.
2. Send your friends to the page if they like it and post that you sent them that is another entry.
3. Any one who buys any thing from any of my etsy shops gets a entry.
4. Be a fan page fan and comment here if you tell me who you are it will count as a entry as well. again only one per post.
5. There will be questions periodically that you can leave one answer to and that will count as a entry as well.
6. Twitter my shop or fan page or one of my items I will search for anything with the word Cappysue and it if is one of those things it will count as a entry. Again one a day.
I am going to draw on the 29th of October. You do need to live in the United States because well this could get heavy and I cannot afford to be shipping all over the world.

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