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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom versus Security

I often wonder about this topic when I see things like the airport scanners they are rolling out and hear how people are being treated like they are dangerous for saying no I will not go through that but will submit to the regular search. So many freedoms seem to be just disappearing I mean all the checks and balances for what had to be done to get a wire tap or to do many things to Citizens have all but vanished under the blanket of National security.
I think I am going to have to really start investigating and reporting back what I see going on out there. I have tried to keep my blog about my little world of art, pets and family but anymore I am horrified that it could become easier to just focus on that and ignore the militant state we seem to be bordering a little closer each day.
So I will just ask. What do you consider the limit of value to security versus your personal freedom. I know my views are far more on the side of personal freedom than on the idea of security which I suspect is lacking any how. Let me know yours and I will come back next week with a topic and some figures.
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  1. i have been thinking of this a lot lately. not so much in terms of bodily privacy but in terms of the internet.

    which in turn, makes me realize how much of a "world" the internet is to me now, and how my concerns about privacy tend to go there first.

    i am thinking this through too much to say coherent things here, but i am glad you posted this question....imma have to ponder further.