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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Places To Shop For The Holidays List

I hope your all enjoying Manger Christmas Village kitty above. I wanted to do a list this year of the great places to shop. So here are some places I think you can get really unique and wonderful items at.
I am going to start the list with a shop owned by a person I adore who is making me a custom item for the holidays right now the shop has dinosaur wallets, beautiful jewelry all kinds of cool stuff.
We also have this shop has tons of pretty baubles and beaded bouquets.
This place has very nifty led candles great for those times when actual flames are inconvenient and other goodies as well.
Then if you want to bring a little extra giggle I offer you Soaphyho and her adult novelty soaps sure to bring some chuckles and keep things cheery.
Here is a shop full of gorgeous art work and clay I love her stuff and just drool over it.
Kits shop is a very wide variety shop she has jewelry, art work and is very well known for her lovely and beautiful bottles
Then for the most comical people on your list I offer you The Worst Shop Ever now that is the name not my opinion. My opinion is that these people are insane and hilarious so my favorite kind of people. You can find every thing from Mommie dearest magnets to comical cross stitch and every thing in between.
This shop is super special to me it is owned by a very brave and chuckle inducing woman I know. It has hair pins, Barret's all with a girlish fun feel and a light mood
For the treat lover I have a high end chocolate shop with gorgeous goodies
Then a super sweet lady who has her own blog with knitting patterns and just general sweetness
So this is my best of the best if you want something really special this year these are my suggestions.
Feel free to leave any other great suggestions you have on this post.


  1. what a great list! thanks for putting it together. I love the rough edge to much of this stuff, and the fact that it really looks handmade. What fun! A few new faves.

  2. no, seriously this is excellent. Thanks a bunch!