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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lots Of Crazy Dreams

I put this up because it is one of my works that reminds me of the dream last night. I was wandering in a foggy woods. I think it was telling me to get my self to work on my goals. So I thought what better way than to list them here where I see them through out the week as opposed to being off in some corner of my head.
my biggest goal this week is to sew at least on thing from all the fabric I have acquired. I am hoping to make a respectable looking tote.
I also want to keep working on my writing. A story I have been on forever is in the homestretch.
I have 3 ideas for paintings I need to make at least one happen.
so what are your goals?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Signs You May Be A Craft Addict

OK so the cats really have nothing to do with it this is just a reminder as to why I only work in the art cave.
So here is the 10 signs of craft addiction.
1. You check your shop for sales before coffee.
2. You name your children Michael and Joann.
3. You have a personal relationship with your mail person.
4. Where others see used wrapping paper you see the back ground of your next collage.
5. When you leave the house you personally know the makers of more than 2 of the items you are wearing.
6. Some thing is broken and you immediately see the silver lining that you now have great pieces for your next assemblage project.
7. More than one of your articles of clothing has died to paint, glaze, hot glue or glitter.
8. You mark trade events on your calendar like national holidays.
9. You see some thing is stuck to your shoe and nope not toilet paper you have some beads on there.
10. You have acquired so much craft supply it only seemed logical to open your own supply shop.
hehe I hope you all got a good laugh at this.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a pissy kitty

Hello all I wanted to start with my cats big mug because well he was outraged that I am switching out the pillows on the old black chest and his face cracked me up. I thought you might like it to.
So on to the gratitude list this week as I have lots to be grateful for.
1. For me the high light of the week was that I made Etsys front page. I have been trying since about a month on etsy. So I have to say I was doing the happy dance. Now I have been featured in the 3 places I really wanted to be featured for my art. All for different reasons but it makes me happy. Now if I can get those craftgawking bastards to gawk at some thing of mine I will have the superfecta of features.
2. I am grateful that my father got a treadmill as he needs to stay healthy and that makes me worry less.
3. For orajel I did some thing horrible grinding my teeth when I sleep and woke up screaming the other night. If the hubby had not said hey orajel I would of started ripping phone books in half or some thing.
4. That my fat little dog with a limp is not limping today. That mean we can play a little more which always makes her happy.
5. That my husband is so sweet he is over at my fathers before work fixing his car. He is such a sweet heart.
6. I am very grateful my sister did not come over the night before last was planned as she got the stomach flu later that night. Dodged a bullet there.
So what good things have happened in your life?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Around The World In 1926 page 3 and thank you to my new followers

Howdy all I am as usual sitting here with my last cup of coffee. We have had big light snow flakes all morning and much like the kitties with birds I am easily distracted.

Well this morning I want to start with saying hello and thank you to my new followers I have noticed some new faces and wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my crazy little blog.

Now on to page 3 of Around the world in 1926. This page has been all about them coming to Oran. Oran is a major city now just as it was then in Algeria. It amazes me to hear her talk of all the different people there. The french woman in their fashions, the Bedouins forever some what traveling, The lovely colors and costumes of the people how the faces were what she imagined when she had read the bible. The way she chooses to focus on the beauty of every one and not let those put any fear in her but more admiration and awe makes me think the world would be a better place if we all could just see a little more of it. So here is my favorite section of her writing from this page. Enjoy !!
Well crap it is at the top but hey at least it is here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conspiracy Theories, Trading and a new weird giveaway.

Howdy all it is Sunday morning and I am drinking my last cup of coffee fighting kitties off the keyboard. I spent most of this weekend trading and packaging. I also had a couple of lovely sales in different shops and packed up my valentines day swap. No doubt the husband will be thrilled when I say we need to "stop by" the post office Monday morning hehe. So now on to my new weird giveaway. Actually my husband hatched this plan.

He suggested I do a give away aimed at my already customers and trade partners. Here is the deal. You send me a photo of you with my item. I will post them as I get them up on my blog for fun. If you include a little about why or who you got it for I will add that as well. Then every couple months I will do a drawing and you will win some thing. We will vote on what a few days before the drawing. You can be a old customer or trade partner or a brand new one. My email is if you don't want to send it to a etsy shop. Just put in your title photo for giveaway.

Now on to the conspiracy theory. Ok I think the Dem's purposely let the senate seat in Massachusetts get taken by a republican so they have a reason not to pass their crummy nothing like what Obama promised health reform. Also this way they can pass on the buck of well we tried.
My second theory is one of many people that all the same people own both sides really and set this up giant shining ball of excrement to get people back in line with the republicans and help push the absurdity that was Bush out of peoples minds. Ok can any one say paranoid.

Oh as for the weird art work above. I took one of my paintings and doctored it into that. Thinking of making it a fabric/ What do you all think.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentines Gear

Well today is the team trade frenzy and I am working on some trades so I just wanted to pop in and show you all my newest item. A belt for valentines day.

I hope it gives you a laugh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Howdy all this has been a really nice week. So I am gonna hop right into my gratitude list.
1. I entered a contest of regretsy to make a fabric I did not win but had a lot of fun. You were allowed to use parts of certain very well known regretsy artist images and I did so. The part I used what the gentleman on the left with the words "Say What!". The artist who made that was very kind to let us use it so here is a link to his shop. Just so you can see his other great stuff.
well when I made the fabric I went a head and ordered the sample and now the place that made it will sell it for me. just look for Cappysue or
Regretsy if you want to find it. I had a real ball doing this and am thinking of turning other works into fabric. So I am grateful to have a whole new creative out let opened up to me.
2. I am ever so grateful that some how our mortgage company has not found a way to screw us this year and actually had to lower our bill. Yes it was lowered a very small amount but it is nice just not to have it go up.
3. I am grateful that when the kitty broke the coffee pot because he got distracted by birdies it was just the coffee pot that broke and no cuts on the kitty.
4. I am grateful that all my efforts to take better care of myself this new year seem to be paying off. I have been getting more rest, eating great food, meditation and yoga, and even shed a few pounds out of it. Always a nice thing.
5. I am grateful that my husband made me laugh last night so hard I shot water I was drinking at the moment straight out of my nose. I cannot imagine being in any other kind of life.
So what are you all grateful for this week. What good things have happened?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Results from the day on new things

Why you may ask do I have a rearranged bunch of Easter and valentines and St.Patrick's day stuff all mushed into 2 shelves.
2 big reasons for one the small stuff the cats like to grab and knock off of things. We had several unsolved murders in the Christmas village this year. One poor child dragging a Christmas tree was drowned in a water dish.
The second reason why the unbreakable stuffed animals are in there is that my oldest cat likes to romance any thing that has fur and will not move. Hence all stuffed animals are in danger. It was bad enough to see him under the Christmas tree with his Alf doll. I will not have the Easter bunny defiled.
So the other day I tried to do every thing a little different. What I found was this. My work varies more when I force myself into moving along. I liked that.
My taste buds have not changed when it comes to many foods in the last 31 yrs. Best of all was that if I just keep plucking along even in a uncomfortable environment I enjoy myself soon enough. So did any of you try any thing new?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop Homemadeforhim

This shop is one of those things that really catches my eye. The young lady who owns it is to sweet for words and her work looks like that of a old pro. Her variety and attention to detail put my in awe. I love her color choices and her children's clothing make me wish I had a little one to dress up. She has such beautiful work I just had to pop on and show her fine merchandise. She is also a first for me and her and the other featured shop a while back SitchesFromThePast are sisters. If your looking for really top notch work and detail I would love to suggest a look at this shop.
Here is a link I hope you all take the time to visit.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Try Some Thing New Todays theme.

Well it is one of those days meant for a crazy babbling. Last night I had a dream all about trying new things. In the dream which is recurring the only way I got out of the same dream was to try to create different results. So today I am going with that theme. All day I am going to try and do every thing just a little different than my norm and see where that goes.
So today I am going to drag out the spring decorations that I never normally get out because I start slacking after Christmas.
I am going to try making some weird new clay items.
I am going to go buy a new coffee pot as the cat decided it was time to upgrade and knocked mine over busting the glass on the ground.
Just a few of the things I am gonna do to shake it up a little. What are you gonna try today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Elvis and Dolphins

Howdy all today I am feeling really grateful. My big angst at the moment are a pesky person, if I should make more coffee and wondering if my dreams will ever let me get more sleep. All any one has to do is turn on the TV and they will see those poor people in Haiti and you are quickly given perspective. I mean my god they say estimates of death are as high as 100k or more.
So I am going to move on to my normal post ramblings but had to take a serious moment for that.
Now why Elvis and dolphins you ask. I am in a trade team and out monthly challenge is a rock and roll themed item. I got tickled picturing it and well so it had to come to life. I know you people enjoy a good laugh so here it is.
Now on to my gratitude list for the week.
1. For the fact our temperature outside is up to 40 degrees. It is comparably the tropics to last week.
2. For the time I have got to spend working lately I have had a ball.
3. For the unexpected. Had several nice surprises this week. Got a present, got to go out with folks I did not expect to get to see, and good mojo. All unexpected. I used to really dread the unexpected because I thought it would be unpleasant. I am happy to say that has changed.
4. For hair color found another damn gray. OK I am going to claim they are just really blond because of all the time I have spent in the winter sun.
5. For my kitty that decided to have a pool party today. He had me laughing so hard as I found him just slapping the crap out of the water in his dish. Why he does it I have no idea but I still think it is to funny.
have a great day all and please feel free to share what you are grateful for.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop PagiesPeace

OK You all know I love to feature shops. This is one of the truly nicest people I have met on etsy. She is full of kindness love and sweetness. I got the peace sign at the bottom from her and am loving it. The colors the heart in there every thing. I smile every time I see it.
She is a lover of all things hippy and has such a wide beautiful variety of work. What better way to start off a new year than putting your own peace sign up to encourage that kind of energy in your home.
Her clothing look so cute I love that skirt. Then things like that stocking are just way to much fun. If you want some thing that exudes good energy and is lots of fun take a peek in this wonderful ladies shop.
have a great day all

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frosty Bit Of Bitching

Well I could add a photo to this to help out weigh the crank but what the hell it is Friday. So the dreams have me running on less sleep so maybe that is why. Maybe because I read to much regretsy and started thinking my own ass is funny. Maybe it is because it is freezing cold and I am tired of being indoors.
Oh wait I did have that big adventure out into the yard to carry in a 50lb dog who got snow impacted into her paws and was hobbling. Yep that was lots of fun.
So any how on to my point. Got my mail today. Inside was a big spiffy catalog from a major clothing chain. OK they want to sell me summer stuff. Sounds good I would love to think of any thing but the below zero wind chills.
I look at the cover and apparently they have piled so many hats on this poor girls head she is about to fall over. I think hmm OK well lets see. I look inside the catalog. My first thought is if your trying to sell me a 31 yr old woman clothing why are 16 year old girls modeling them. My second thought was lord I hope they are 16 or I really am getting fucking old.
The next thing to strike me was that they all weigh 90lbs or so and are near 6ft tall. If you put my on stilts and I am dead for about 3 yrs I might meet those requirements. So really they think after eating holiday crap, being bundled up in every sweater I can find I want to see some stick teens modeling clothing for me to wear.
Then the clothing it's self comes into question. Really is any one paying almost $100.00 for a tote with the word juicy on it. If I am it damn well better have a button that I can hit where it sings "Juicy fruit is gonna move ya" if not to hell with it.
As I dug further on discovering apparently clothes that I used to wear around when painting are now a trend I was even more disturbed. If you look yes really look maybe one out of 10 girls is really smiling. Why are they all either pouting or have there mouths partially open. Half look cranky the other half look like you caught them in mid orgasm. OK I think my little rant is done.
I will return to my shiny happy self tomorrow.
PS. I did keep a lovely perfume sample that came with it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Around The world in 1926 page two contiuned

Well blogger seems to love me again so here ya go.
Ok I have put up all about the big moment when sea sickness left the crew. I also then put up parts all about how each person was unique she met. This really struck me today.
In the modern world with blogs, myspace, facebook, twitter, cell phones, emails etc we all seem so connected. I have friends I talk to regularly all across the globe. Usually I think of this as some thing only gifted to us because of technology. Clearly that is crap and untrue as in 1926 this woman was talking to people going all over and living different lives across the globe.
Actually I think they did it better. For instance when the waves crashed water into the rooms fears of will this be our last day sat in the back of peoples minds they had more than a email to pass along about the friends they got threw the night with. They could tell of the minuscule details of biding time sharing tea to calm the nerves, small moments really but they change how we see each other.
Ok so maybe I have rambled wildly. However just think about it. Which do you remember more. A person who sat with you when your nerves were shot and you felt small and scared or a email. In any case it makes me think of how I just want to keep expanding my adventures to include more people from different corners of the world than mine.
ok just my nutty thoughts for the day
have a good one yall.

Around the world in 1926 page 2

hmm for some reason the blog photo uploader is not working so I will have to post this tomorrow. I must tell you it was very interesting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Well some of these I am making for a lady in my trade group but some will be for my little clay shop and I just wanted to share.
So for gratitude this week I have lots to be thankful for.
1. For the crazy dreams I have been having. For one thing they always inspire me to paint and for two the symbolism was of a white wolf that could vanish and was trying to help me. It supposedly comes to those who have lost their faith in general or in a particular quest they have for themselves. And to be honest it has been a bit of a rough year. Feeling a little hollow more now than in a long time so I am delighted if the wolf wants to help me on my path.
2. For the snow coming. I figure if it is going to be freezing cold why not at least have it look pretty as well.
3. For the lady who asked me to make the charms above this was not some thing I would of ever cooked up with out her imput. So thanks amy :)
4. For all my friends and loved ones you truly make each day more enjoyable.
5. For my crazy father who worries more about our well being than any one should.
6. For our ability to always chose to broaden our horizons at any time.
7. For the sweet lady who told me I looked like a old silent movie star. Not sure what she was smoking but it was really sweet none the less.
Well what are you al grateful for this week. I hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby it's cold outside and in the art cave

So you may wonder why I have such a random looking collection of photos. Well I just wanted to share a little of our frosty world with you. The top photo is of the windows of back porch that has the door leading down into my art studio also known and more appropriately know as the art cave.
That lovely sheen on the window is ice. No not just ice on the outside but on the inside as well. We are in a deep freeze.
When I stopped to take a photo of my icy windows I hear the birds complaining that it is cold outside. One came popping up and flying around the nest in the photo. I thought it was cute so I got a photo of the nest.
Last after focusing on home, nest, cold and bad weather you guessed it I created this little ornament. I hope it makes you smile. I am debating keeping it for next Christmas or just putting it up as a cute little decoration.
Well I hope you enjoyed this tiny glimpse in my world. What is new and shaking with yours.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Naughty Monster Key Chain

Ok so I felt I must share this thing with the masses. First there was the O shit some one is at the door doll, then we had Foaming Frank now it is the naughty monster. Some how in my efforts to make him look like he was grabbing for some one I made it look like he was grabbing his personal or I guess for that matter her personal parts. I am not sure of the gender of my goggle eyed friend.
My husband was nice enough to inform me that the paint I used looks like a bodily secretion. I will let you fill in the blanks. Well I am not sure if it will go in my shop it may because I am sure some one out there will find it cute. But either way it has me laughing and I thought you may like to join in. Have a great day all.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Around The World 1926 Page One

Ok So to start with I am so excited and involved just reading the first page I had to slow myself down and come show you all. I copied my favorite excerpt from the first page.
Apparently Ms.Sadie Feika was on her 4Th trip to the far east and calls herself a old salt at being on a rough sea.
I have always dreamed of traveling the world. Now I am just put off flying by the invasions of privacy that go on. She sounds so adventurous. I have peaked and in a day or so we should get a image of this lady. For today all I can tell you though is she smoked, and that they were heading for Oran on the African coast first. They had stopped when leaving Brooklyn, New York in Newport News, Virginia to pick up 2000lbs of coal to keep the ship going on it's merry way. I hope this intrigues you and you love the little excerpt. I promise in a day or so to return with more. For me my mind starts spinning with thoughts of big exciting trips like this. I also love that at a time when had the right to vote less than 10 years this brave soul had already been out there shaking up the world. Now to try and find out more about her. So far I yield not hing on her. I do have a name at the top of the page of a woman who must of had the book at some time but all I can get on her is a SS number and that she lived in Chicago which is where the import company that made this zine is located. If any of you sleuths out there start turning up any thing let me know. I am happy to give you credit here on the blog for any info you have on either lady.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Facebook is a special kind of hell who knew

Well I did it I sat down me and facebook were going to have it out. A half hour later at most the husband was working on it while I finished organizing my cabinets. So the good news is I now have a page and my cabinets are all where I want them. So here is my sad embryo of a page if any one wants to be friends.
So the resolutions seem to be coming along and I have a charming little painting in my midst called ninjapus that will soon be out for your amusement. Have a great day all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Exhausted But Happy

So This is what I feel like. This would be one of my big fluffy old dogs being snuggled by one of my big fluffy fat cats. I feel like settling down for a long winters nap.
That will not be happening today though. I look at the first of the year as a way to set the tone for the coming year. For me the goal of this year will be to organize myself better so that I can then have more work and relaxation time.
So each week I am making a list of things that need to be focused on to improve that week. Seeing as how new years fell of Friday I guess Friday to Friday it is.
This week my goals are to reorganize the kitchen from top to bottom. Now that the holidays are over a lot of our party gear and baking supplies can be shifted back to the less used shelves. Part of my goal this year is to actually can some of the things I grow in the spring and I want to be ready.
My second goal for this week is to god help me get my facebook fan page going as part of better promoting my shop. I thought I would give it a whirl. There may be drinking involved when I sit down to really do battle with it.
My third big goal is to get all my beloved Christmas decorations up and away. I love clean simple lines and want to get my house more into a calm state. Also if they don't linger for to long I really look forward to them each year.
I got myself a new sound track of music made up to do some yoga to. I am really hoping a few days of good stretching will get my spirits following in line and help with some creative energy.
Well I am off to start tearing apart my cabinets. hmm should I do pictures? Well have a great day and new year all.

ps. As I do each day for a good laugh I went to regretsy to discover they had a new years float I was thrilled to see my belly button witch had made it onto the festive float of freakish. Here is a link if any one would like to see