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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some thing absurd as well

Well this was first try at a quilt. Finally I made myself finish the monstrously ugly thing just for sheer ability to put it away and never look at it again lol. And yes each of those fabrics in the middle on the one colorful square have meaning. For instance when we lost power once a bit of that fabric is from pillowcases I made into dog dresses to keep them warm. another bit if from a t-shirt my hubby would not let die that I finally committed shirticide on . And no I won't sell this it is priceless to our family lol.

Some Thing Cute Sundays

This week is the 2nd cute sunday enjoy the cuteness :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

So whats in store for the weekend??

First I wanted to share a painting from yet another crazy dream. I dreamed that all these angels were just balling their eyes out and literally flooding with tears. Not sure why but hoping not to dream that again it was sad.
So on to more cheerful things. What are you all going to do for yourself this weekend. Us we have big plans. The car is acting cranky so hubby is hoping to fix it. While he is doing that I shall be making little clay penis charms for my shop. How about you?
I guess sure I could worry about the car but I figure what will that do besides make me miserable when I am not even sure how concerned to be. So I am instead going to be proactive on keeping busy and not lamenting a habit to which I am prone when some thing is out of my control.
In closing see yall on monday and hope you do some thing positive to.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I Love Trading

OK So a while back I told you all how I joined a trade group. It has been awesome gotten lots of special things for myself and for my family. It has also allowed me to make some great friends and find stores I may never have found.
Now here is the story. A while back a lady I had done a trade with for some supplies had some lovely fabric that I wanted to use to make stuff. She agreed to trade with me so I made her the little set of figurines you see at the top. The previous trade we did I got awesome supplies and she got the little woodland fairy home.
So This time I got wonderful fabrics and have started creating then I realized I was being selfish. While I got the joy of seeing her enjoy my items I had yet to share her with you.
So with out further adieu here is one of the sweetest ladies ever. The images above are from Karols Different shops. She loves such a variety of creation she is like me and has several shops. So as you can see she makes embellishments, wonderful stuff for children and quilts that are so wonderful I am wondering how big of a clay item I could make for her to trade me lol. She also has tons of other stuff. So if you want to get a really great item from a really kind lady I suggest you check her out.
see yall later

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and featured on Regretsy

So today I have so much to be grateful for I don't even know where to start. OK well before I get down to that I want to say the Regretsy featuring my penis painting made the week. I have laughed so hard now for days.
Now before the husband gets back with pizza and I wander off gnawing of stuffed crust here is my gratitude list this week.
1. yep you guessed it I am very grateful to Helen/April for putting my madness up on her website. She is really sweet to do so and besides the great publicity there is nothing I enjoy more than humor well nothing I will talk about on the blog hehe.
2. For my sweet husband who because I rolled out of bed in a crazy dream last night and hurt my back yet again is out getting us pizza.
3. For my sweet friends who have written me over the last few days always nice to get happy mail.
4. For the oldies music that I have just constantly had on recently. For some reason that song Whispering Bells, and One Summer Night and any thing platters. I love music so much.
5. For the fact my chubby dog is limping less so I think she is getting better.
Well it has been a great week with some really nice moments. Now the question as always what are you grateful for?
ps. The items above are little cake toppers that are coming out in my shop.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspirational Quotes And Some Party Animals

So it is very early here. I went to bed really early as well so I hopped up with the urge to make humor. Yesterday I was so pleased as I was featured on Regretsy or to be more precise my penis painting was featured. Not only do I get great exposure hehe but truly those comments made me laugh so hard my sides are now sore.
Now what is with the quotes right. Well this is my new thing every Tuesday is going to be inspirational little quotes from the people I come in contact with. Things I find brighten up the day.
1. Some on commenting on a set of photos in my art shop yesterday "I know. It's like a doll crack house (Just scatter some needles on the floor)" this was said by a person named Wilma Fingerdoo and I just loved it because it is comical in general and dear God it is true.
2. My husband commenting on the painting above "I don't like that cats crack looking at me!" what can I say I giggled for a half hour.
well I hope this has made yall laugh
See ya for gratitude Wednesday :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Have You Seen This Pig ???

OK so today I am on a little mission. My niece got this pig for my dog about 3 years ago. My dog made it her favorite toy in the world. She loves to play with it every night. I have stitched it up with thread,yarn, put material in as backing and she is just got it on it's last leg.
Well yesterday she pulled a muscle and is now limping. She is old and I am going to need to not play with her for a couple of weeks so her tendon can heal.
So I would love to replace this pig for her but it has to be just like this one. If you have seen any in real life please post a thread of where I may try to order it. If you can make one that looks just like it. Please post how to get in touch with you to get a quote. I am going to stitch it up again but would really like to get her a new one.
So yes my entire post today is a all points bulletin about a pig for my dog lol.
Thanks for taking the time to read yall.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Forget you

Howdy and good morning all. As you know I am insane when I try and be coherent in the morning but I am going to give it a whirl any how. So what is up with the little heart bobby pin. That is some thing goofy and little I made just for me.
The last few weeks I have been very blessed with ideas for genitals paintings genitals paintings, the urge to sew, constant new clay creations, and I went on a vintage/supply shopping spree. I am also constantly dreaming which is giving me tons of ideas for paintings.
I could go on and on about the list of to dos I have for every day. I am also sure you all could to.
However after I fell asleep last night oh by 9:30 my time when I usually don't even try sleep pre 1 a.m. I realized it is important to take care of ourselves.
so no matter how busy or creative you are I want to remind you to make a space for down time for yourself.
Today I am giving myself a facial, a big nap and a bad movie. I have family stuff tonight so why not treat myself during the day.
Make sure to treat yourselves to as it is a sad state of affairs when you physically cannot stay awake. Besides those lines on your face from the couch not pretty :)
take care and have a good weekend all

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So My Bags Are Less Bad

So today has been a good day. I got a headache those dreams again. I have had this recurring dream where people break in and leave their vacuums on my porch. So last night I was waiting on them so I could make them stop. It was a little disturbing I had 3 bright red vacuums on the porch. So any how Last night as opposed to the vacuum leaving people some one wearing a black cloak and a face mask made of wood that looked like best I can describe the devil came into my porch. I was screaming get out and woke up. That was enough for me I was up the rest of the night.
So what do you all dream about?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday

Hi there all it is a little late today but well I had to take the dogs to the vet and the hubby is off so we end up doing nonsense like death match Mario hehe.
So any how it is the start of lent today so I thought I would share my little prayer box.
So here is the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful that my dogs did not poop , pee or do any thing else at the vet as well they both seem perfectly healthy.
2. I am grateful that my hubby found a old saxophone however we are still looking for a neck but hey we will find it . He used to play and I think he wants to take it back up. At least I hope so other wise why the hell did we buy it lol.
3. I am very grateful for my father trying to be sweet and sending me over some supplies to help gussy up the craft room.
4. So grateful for all the creative ideas my friends have shared with me recently. Nothing like great ideas.
5. I am forever grateful to coffee because if I did not have it I would still be asleep.
Have a great day all and let me know what your grateful for.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And This Little Piggy

Well good afternoon yall. Me and the hubs had a romantic Monday and had a ball but I wanted to get back into the real world.
So why am I showing you a bunch of piggy pendants I made. They are loosely made off the logo for a Lady's shop. This is why. First I think they look like they are dancing which cracks me up and then the more important reason.
The lady I made them for has a awesome message. Her shop is www.piggytailsboutique. Her shop is all about being able to be as girly as you like but still being able to be a many faceted girl. She is currently hosting a pageant for little girls with categories like craziest hair, and out fit. I love any one telling little girls they can be what ever they like. So I wanted to share her with ya.
Check her out if you have a little one she has the cutest tutus and bows.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

Howdy all this is one of my newest creations still in progress for the clay shop. I am going to start adding cake toppers. While he stands about 8 inches tall he is very light and would not mush a cake. I think I am going to focus on kids toppers currently as no one wants to see my malformed face people smiling on their wedding cake. He still needs some touch ups and may get more flowers, lots of glaze and such but this is just him in the home stretch.
I hope your all having a wonderful fun Valentines and I am off to create some more madness before it is time to start the romantic evening with the hubby.
Please feel free to let me know what you think good or bad about this guy.
ps. I like to think he could be a dragon to hehe.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Cranky Dogs and my last movie

OK So oddly enough my last movie I loved. It was called Dream for a insomniac. The stars are
Ione Skye, Jennifer Aniston, Mackenzie Astin. I found the whole thing goofy and cute. Maybe I felt a kinship with her lack of sleep lol. Any how I think I found a little use for girly romance movies :)
So now why the two cranky dogs. Because a friend of mine love animals and is had a rough week. I am hoping she stops and sees my freshly trimmed pups and gets a grin. Have a great weekend yall and happy Valentines :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Bugs and a Movie

OK So this is my technical crew. Also know as my kitties. Clearly they think they are the tech crew as they are constantly sleeping in my office chair. The funny part is they are siblings and have slept just like this since they were babies. Any how this made me smile this morning so I thought why not share it with ya.
So yesterday I watched you got mail. I was not pleased. I will leave it at that must be the small business lover in me.
Any how I am working and playing and having a ball. Today I am going to start work on a couple of cake toppers. So send me your ideas or just some good mojo.
Your friend
PS. Tomorrow I am putting up pup pics :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop Amylee34

OK So let me introduce you to one of the feistiest sweetest Etsy friends I have made. Her name is Amy obviously and she is a wife, mother, comedian on the chats and always a cheerful supporting friend to her tradeaholics friends. I love her and her work and just had to share it with you.
I have 3 of her necklaces one is for me the orange one you see in the middle there. The other two are just as stunning one is for my niece and one is for my sister. Thankfully neither of them read my blog :)
She just made that amazing blue necklace up at the top which I am currently drooling over and trying to figure out what amazing clay thing I can make to bribe her into trading me hehe.
Truly though her stuff is always shipped promptly shows up look as good or better than it does in the pics and she is just a very nice lady. So I hope you all can give her a look. Oh she also has a second shop that is cards and ornaments which is also to cute to believe. Any how here are her links and enjoy. and the new shop is
have a great day all

Where Our Work Ends Up

This is a picture of a bracelet a lovely lady named Amy made for her daughter from charms that I made in my clay shop. I really love seeing things like this and knowing where my work ends up. I met this lady in our trade team the tradeaholics on etsy. We live hundreds of miles apart and can become friends and enjoy each others handmade treasures all via etsy and the Internet. That is a really cool thought and makes me smile so I wanted to show and share with you all. So beyond that I also want to introduce you to Amy's shop because I also got some of her stuff and her jewelry is awesome.
So I will do a new post all about here shop just above this. Oh sadly I fell off the Valentines day movie wagon and went to sleep before I got one in yesterday.
Have a great day all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Another Movie

So this is a painting I finished yesterday of this place I keep dreaming about. It seems like the whole place is alive and moving slightly every time I dream of it. So why not paint it out so it can disturb some new people.
Any how on to my gratitude list.
1. I am very grateful for sleep as it is in short supply with these crazy dreams. So I am going to gift myself a great big nap today.
2. Very grateful for the very fun custom work I just got asked to do. I will ask if they mind if I show pics and maybe I can show you that tomorrow.
3. Grateful for my hubby because he broke into a valentines gift that was not for him which I thought was entirely to comical.
4. Grateful for all the new music I have gotten lately. I love nothing more than a good song when painting.
5. Grateful for my very kind friends who have taken notice of my blog recently and let me know they like it. I am so glad they find some entertainment here.
6. I am grateful for the fact that when my dog fell down 3 steps last night coming in from our last run out she hopped right up with a big puppy smile and no limp. This is especially great because she is 11yrs old.
Well have a good day all and let me know what your grateful for. Thanks so much for reading :)
PS. Oh crap sorry I watched Love Actually last night and OK it was pretty good. So yay I have found a few romantic movies I like. OK true I find the relationship and the humor the dad and son the most entertaining but yes the rest was good to.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time For Another Crazy Really Early Rambling

So it is yet another one of those unimaginable early days for me. I dreamed constantly last night. Mainly I was in some kind of death match with monster or aliens what ever you want to call them. Eventually we were trying to get away from them in a tunnel some thing a kin to a sewer drain. By the end of it I got stabbed in the chest. So let me dispel that myth if you die in your dreams you will not die in real life. Rest assured I have had it happen in my dreams many times.
Well on to more pleasant subjects it is snowing a little and blowing snow lots outside. The temperature is zero degrees. Thankfully hubby got to work OK and I am nestled in with hot coffee and a big blanket.
I have yet to watch my romantic movie of the day. What can I say it is not even 7a.m. here yet. I am a little excited I have some projects planned for my arts and crafts.
Off I go to ramble around in the living room with a sketchbook. Have a great day.
PS. I just painted this the other day I keep dreaming of her and thought I would share.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pretty pictures of the sky and movie number 8

Well I took these yesterday and just wanted to share them with yall. I watched a movie this morning I never realized how few I watch till I did this little project. Any how it was While You Were Sleeping. OK I will say it started off with some bonuses. For instance I love Chicago, I love to work with wood such as carpentry nothing naughty implied. I love snow so yes it had some advantages. But truly it cracked my up I loved the whole cast and really enjoyed it. Far fetched or not I was a giggling idiot the whole time. So yay I do get romance. Now sadly I have 6 more days of movies to go :) Have a great day all.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

To tired to dig up a cute picture

I watched the English Patient. Not bad as movies go but no heart string tugging here. I did think willam defoe was hilarious although I am not sure that was the goal. Then again I got kicked out of the movie Alive for laughing to much. Oh well now to pick a movie for tomorrow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Made A Very Special Purse and two more movies

Ok so I am going to start with the movies watched Moonstruck which I love. Maybe it is just the language or the wine or that big pretty moon but I must admit I was transfixed.
I also watched the Notebook or most of the notebook may have nodded off ever so slightly there at the end. I am going to let that tell you my opinions on the movies.
Now as for this crazy bag you see. Well I wanted to add to my crazy purse collection and put some thing spring like up. So I used my swatch of fabric from when I had my Regretsy fabric contest entry made up. I am loving this. Now my only question is do I sell it or do I bop around town with it. Knowing me I will spill some thing on it or accidental get some thing glue to it so it is really up in the air. Any how I thought it would give yall a good laugh.
Oh I want to point out that the gentleman yelling Say What was part of another artist creation and he allowed us to use it for the contest. Here is a link to his shop if you would like to check it out and see all his awesome work is
Well off to catch up yesterday we were iced in and today I have listing and creating to do.
Have a great weekend all

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Good Toilets Go Bad

Ok So I like that old song Big Bad John why because every time I hear it I picture this guy dancing and bopping around with a cigarette in his mouth and water sloshing out of him. I cannot help it there is just some thing wrong with me. So I thought I would share it with you.
So now onto my 4Th Romance movie. Ok maybe it is my love of old movies or maybe it is the music. But yes I felt the romance watching Casablanca. Matter of fact I keep listening to the songs all day. I think it is some thing to do with people seeing more then just how their little worlds are effected.
Well tomorrow or tonight we are going to have a winter storm so I am off to check out how much salt we have and if I need to make a store run. I am hoping to show you some pictures of my newest craft table set up soon. I may start sharing images to get ideas from yall. Have a good one all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And My 3rd Movie

Howdy all I hope your having a wonderful day. Well I am out of coffee as this is a rare 2 post one day for me. I am going to hop right into the gratitude today as so much nice stuff has been going on. Oh the image of the cupcake is just because it is cheerful and I am making some real ones today.
ok so here is my list.
1. I am grateful for the sunshine award yesterday truly it makes me feel good people see this as a positive cheerful place.
2. For the sweet 3Maries who featured me today on her blog. I was so flattered and it feels so good for some one to apreciate your work. If you would like to check it out here is a link.
3. For the huge decorative bird cage I found. It will be the last bit to complete the new look of my craft table at fairs and such.
4. For my husbands sense of humor. Last night the cat was romancing another stuffed animal a duck and I am sure you can figure out what I said. Well my husband looks at me and goes hey he also has the dog stuffed animal so I guess he you know what the pooch. Yes this is twisted but hey he gets me.
5. For crazy dreams as I had a bunch lately so this should be great for painting.
So what good things happened for you this week?

Now on to my 3rd movie. Upon the suggestion of a friend I watched a movie called Mrs.Winterbourne. It had Shirley McClain, Brendan Frasier and Rickie Lake. I love the music and well Brendan Fraser looks cute in a suite way to young for me now but hey still cute. Shirley McClain as always cracked me up. But no I still don't get it. So tomorrow I am going for a old romantic movie. Casablanca baby.

Ok my list for the sunshine award.

The people who I want to nominate are
I listed the shops even though most have blogs as well. I thought that way you can check out there coolness and most link back to their blogs as well. Also if you spot yourself on this list I hope you smile :)
Oh and here is what you can do if you want to give a sunshine award to others.

You nominate a group of people and put the logo up on your blog or post. Then you can tell them and hopefully they do the same. I am rolling the dice that you just find a happy surprise.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yay I got a sunshine award

So how very sweet I love that people read my blog and come away smiling. So here is how it works. I was nominated by
and now I will nominate 11 more people. I hope they spot it but I am not going to hunt people down to tell them. Mainly because well I got to go make dinner and some crap like that.
So here are some very fun and positive bloggers I love
well crap dinner timer went off I will do the rest tomorrow :)
love cappy

Ok So I watched Movie Number 2

I watched Last Chance Harry. I thought it did have its comical moments but really did not see a great chemistry between the the actors. Honestly I was just waiting for it to be over. So I shall did in the romance movies for some thing totally different for tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fruit and a romantic challenge

Hello all I am done with my coffee this morning I have been busy all morning working on absurdness for your reading pleasure.
Well the fruit are a couple of my newest items for the clay shop I thought why not share. I was very happy at first with them but now I am thinking my banana looks more like a squash.
Any how on to the romantic challenge.
Every year about this time I see the swooning and Lacey red hearts and candies etc. I think they are pretty but for me romance is a little different. Don't hand me shiny baubles bring me a sparkly new bag of art supplies or maybe a tool I can use to doctor on our house.
Well after sharing this opinion with my girlfriends they told me I just do not get romance. May hap that they are right and I don't as I usually avoid romantic movies unless they are old and slightly odd. So in a effort to understand the romance I am doing a little challenge to myself. Every day from now till valentines I will watch one romantic movie then report back to you what I think of it. I would love suggestions as to your favorite romantic movies as well. Feel free to tell me if you have seen one I list and what you thought of it.
So this morning I got up with my coffee and put on a movie. The first one I picked was a movie called Then She Found Me by Helen Hunt. I did find it kept me interested but I was confused. I did not get the big pull of Matthew Brodericks Character. The whole idea of a pull as to who you should be with for me at least would have to involve two people I was not repelled by. His character was pretty repulsive as they go. So did I miss the point folks? Would love to know if you have seen this and what ya thought.