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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a Regretsy Art Show

So howdy all as you know I love to go over what I am grateful for from the past week each Wednesday. I would like to start though by talking about the Art Show.
The show is in Madison, Wisconsin. It is been pulled together and is being hosted by a wonderful lady in the Regretsy Book. Here is a link she can say it way better than me . The whole thing she has set up sounds so neat I hope if you live near it you can get a chance to check it out. Either way I would check out the link just to see her awesome work.
Now on to my gratitude list. Well lets see so many wonderful and kind things have happened I may be going over my stock 5 listings today.
1. I am so grateful to April of Regretsy, Alex Davies of flashnews, The Rude Awakening show, and Ardvarartkglass because I have had so many opportunities to do some really valuable work for my shop and business just handed to me. That is simply amazing and I am very grateful they all took the time to work with me.
2. For my kitties who stole a magnet then proceeded to kill it in the water dish and remove the eyes. Nothing keeps you grounded and laughing like cat sabotage.
3. That the old dogs took forever to tucker out when we played outside yesterday. It is good to see just how young at heart they are.
4. That my father actually said the words Ass Dialed when he called me up on his cell phone for the umpteenth time by accident. Some part of that makes me giggle.
5. That the husband is going to be surprised when he sees his birthday cake and gifts. Nothing is more fun that a good surprise.
6. For the spectacular weather that has made being out side a joy.
7. For the huge upsurge of customers I have had recently they really have all been great to work with and I appreciate them very much.
Well that's it for me see ya on the flip side

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Crap I am going to be on the radio

Well I guess it was good I got brave because this morning I was contacted to do a phone interview for a radio show. The show is The Rude Awakenings Show on Station WOMC-FM 98.1 and the Gentleman who will be interviewing me is named Bulldog. It will be April 5th the day before the Regretsy Book comes out.
I am of course terrified because this will be my first radio interview but am so excited and thrilled they were kind enough to contact me. What a fun adventure.
So to check out there page because I listened to some of it this morning and it was loads of fun go here and then click on The Rude Awakening. Wish me luck yall.
Then if that is not fun enough I have more to post such as a Regretsy Art Show in Wisconsin. The wonderful person who is running that was kind enough to add me.
Then if you check out Regretsy you will see the trophy for the book contest. The wonderful April Winchell Hired my to make that trophy and I think it was the most fun I ever had with my clothes on. To see it go to and look at the contest.
Well off I go to get myself into more trouble. Oh the clown painting is just absurd and I thought why not share some absurd.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Days You Have To Be Brave

OK so you may ask why a picture of my mug. Mainly because I hate all pictures of my mug and a friend took this of me recently and it is part of my little post today about being brave.
Well I am all for stepping out of our comfort zones .
I am one of those people who loves my privacy and I will continue to do so. I also love doing stuff for a good laugh but am not fond of being in the spot light in any way. However that is not very helpful when looking to continue selling art work. Most people like to know a little about you.
So this week I took down my random art work avatar and made this my avatar. I also did a phone interview for a news thing. Terrified and sure I rambled I did it regardless because well I would be a fool not to.
I had to write a friend today and tell her my cats made a toy out of a magnet she is due to find out what she wanted to do about it. I dreaded writing that so before I had time to dread I just immediately wrote her.
So after all of this my little world is still just fine. So my thought for today try to be brave :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Awesome Featured Shop

So as you know I love to share great shops with you all. These are my first logo stickers made by a lovely shop known as . I love this shop and have already gotten some rocking t shirts for my hubby from here. But then when she made these I just swooned all over again for her shop and wanted to come share it here. The stickers are great nice thick and great adhesive. You would think she has been making them forever.
She has them in her shop for a great price and what a really beautiful way to do up your packaging.
Have a great Friday all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And when I grow up

Ok this has been a really neat week. I finished this yesterday morning and just wanted to share it. I heard that song Que sera sera and thought about what I wanted to be when I grow up. Yes I am aware I am 31 but that does not make me grown up. With much thought I have made my aim to be the crazy cat lady. So I painted it.
Now on to the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful it was the hubby and not me that was called for jury duty. I do not mind doing my duty but am currently swamped.
2. I am grateful for the sweet lady who gave me the sheer curtains I am going to use on the porch.
3. For the coolest custom art project I have ever been asked to do.
4. For my sweet hubby who has filled out several customs forms this week all with a smile.
5. For coffee recently I am just loving my coffee must be the new pot.

so what are you all grateful for this week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Days Your A Fairy Princess

So recently I just made this another of my little cake topper. It is not perfect I am not 100% happy with the face but it is getting there.
Today I am focusing on Magic, good luck or fairy power what ever you like to call it when it seems things just keep getting better for you. I am finding all is going well in my little world. Sales are up which rocks. I am still plucking along at the redecorating and got some free white sheers for my sun porch which means the ugly ruffly ass curtains I was going to use might be on the way to good will.
I am just enjoying how some days all is good. I figure maybe it will take the sting out of those not so great days. So whats wonderful in your world today?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting in Progress

So I usually sketch my paintings out before I paint them and I thought why not share one with you. I tend to come on and just show what the finished item looks like which to me is only a small part of the fun of making a painting. So this is my basic out line. Today I will go to work painting on it and show you how far I get.
Have a good Sunday all

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some thing cute for the weekend

Howdy all this is just some thing cute for the weekend some pictures of my little kitty when she was a couple weeks old. She was orphaned and we raised her from a few days. She is so cute I thought why not share.
No big news here working on updating my little vintage shop today. Hope your all having a great weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

If at first you do not suceed try harder and stop feeling sorry for yourself

So the other day I was going over all my old work deciding what gets tossed. What I love and must keep. What to give away or put on special. Then I realized that I was also feeling a little sorry for myself that my art work was not selling much lately. So I looked at some Aceos that had been sitting and unlisted because the first pictures of them came out pathetic. So I got off my whining ass and made myself get better pictures. It sold the next day. So this got me thinking about my vintage shop and how truly neglected it has been as of late. So I went in took a list of all those things that just screamed help me. Then re photographed each damn thing. While no I do not expect them to sell the next day I damn well expect for people to at least see them and be more interested in my shop.
So my little lesson I learned and wanted to share was simply to not allow yourself to wallow. Really you just end up smelling like crap.
hehe see yall tomorrow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and The redecorating Continues

Howdy all and happy Saint Patricks Day. First I wanted to show you a project for my clay shop I am working on. I made a virtual cat pet for my other shop that was more humor than cute. That inspired this along with a lot of time spent thinking about animals this week which I will go into in a minute with my gratitude list.
So if you have any idea of my old school virtual pets please let me know what you would like to see.
Now the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful it is St.Patricks as I am looking forward to beer, corned beef and cabbage and some weird green desert. Hey gas is just a risk you have to take for St.Patricks.
2. I am grateful that yesterday when I was just feeling blue much like every one does from time to time I got a good slap with the reality stick that spending time feeling sorry for yourself is a huge waste of time. So today I am back up and running.
3. For the awesome man who is fixing yes another thing on our car. He is a friend. We brought him the parts and a case of beer and he is almost done. That is a real blessing as we have had a lot of extra expenses lately.
4. For the lovely April winchell. Yes I know some people do not like Regretsy. Get over it. This week she is auctioning off a bag on there and all the proceeds are going to help animals. I got to do a small part and make one of several charms that go on the handmade and truly awesome bag. Not only does her doing that remind me to keep trying to do good things but it also is a wonderful feeling to have donated just a little some thing that is part of a bigger project for good. OK good lord I sound sappy moving on now.
5. For my big slow kitty Peabody. He was not supposed to survive but with some extra attention did. He seems to have topped out at about the intelligence of a 6 month old kitten. That is fine because he is happy plays and has other kitty friends. He never has to go out and face the world or any thing. He is also hilarious because he has not learned the patience of the other cats. He has been casually walking up to any one doing any thing he wants to do or any where he wants to be and lighting fast smacking them repeatedly. We call it Ninja Strike and are trying to catch it on film. The best part is the other cats run in horror at his speed.
Well that is my gratitude list this week what is yours.
Now on to the redecorating. This is my first trial of colors for some basket cozies. And yes that is Nixon and Elvis there behind them. I do not particularly like Nixon but I do like Elvis and the post card has sentimental value.

I just pinned these they are going to hold our extra bath stuff like extra shampoos and such above the shower. I am debating if the color is good or to much. In a few days it will either be new fabric or sewn.
This is the other cozy. The shelving was just small white plastic shelves I have had forever but size wise they fit the bathroom. However you could see every thing stored on them. So I went to work making the cozy. It still needs a couple of buttons and maybe a trim on the bottom but you can get the idea.
Let me know what ya think yay or nay please. These are all things I already had and so far I have stuck to my goal. Friday I am heading out to find a few things.

Happy St.Pats


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Send In the clowns

So this is one of my more recent little projects. The last few days I have been working on art for my shops more than my home redo but today that takes over. I shall have pictures by god for gratitude Wednesday.
Looking at this goofy clown thing has got me to thinking about how I want to add a little more controlled and precise whimsy to the house. For instance the bathroom is almost done but I need some thing absurd. It can be small but must be absurd. My thought is maybe a vinyl cling in the shower.
So whats new out in the world.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Shop to Introduce you to And the upset over my penis

So First about the crazy last few days. Well lets see where to start. I have been staying up the redo of the house which is fun in the next couple of days I should have finished bathroom pics.
I have also been mildly obsessed with making jewelery which if you care to see you can find in my shop.
Now on the thing that has had me really happy. The sweet lady April Winchell who created regretsy has got many artist together to create a Regretsy designer bag. It has many wonderful accoutrement's as well the bag itself is freaking fantastic. Best of all this is to auctioned on ebay with all the money going to help Elayne Booslers Charity for animals. As you all know I kind got a thing for animals.
Well one of my little charms is on there a penis charm to be exact. Because Ebay has their heads firmly up their asses they took down the auction over my penis charm even though she had pixelated all but the face. And if you see it you will know that clearly it is barely recognizable as a penis. That was kinda the point of it.
While yes I find it very funny that in Ebays twisted brain I am to scandalous for mainstream. But my real hope is that it in no way effects the auction and the money they get to help animals. So I have been hovering checking the auction often hoping they get to keep going as they are because it is freaking awesome. So here is a link to Regretsy so you can find the wonderful Charity auction and hopefully get a great laugh at all the crazy stuff there.

Now on to the new shop I wanted to show yall. Well it is not actually new but it is amazing and nifty. These photos are of Acrylic and Steel this is the shop of the lady who won my vomiting unicorn print. You know she has to be fun if she wants a vomiting unicorn print.
The photos are her and then her hubby and little one. The shop is to cool. You will find every thing from really wonderful paintings to really cute little aceos like a pink deer to hand forged knives that are gorgeous. If your looking for a shop that is just huge in variety and all quality stuff click the link :) I hope you all love this great find of a shop.
Happy Weekend

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where you get your crazy and who taught it to ya

These are my Grandmas. They were both so vital to my life and taught me so much. They were also the most opposite people you could ever want to meet.
The reason I am writing about them today is 3 reasons in one.
1. I was going to show you a photo of all the crap I tossed out yesterday but the damn rain was so hard last night that you could not see the trash.
2. I was going over photos to put out and thought of how these to lovely ladies taught me so much and wanted to share.
3. As I try to pull together what I see as beautiful I realized it is really just a giant accumulation of memories and lessons and bits passed down to me over the generations and a few new things I learned along the way.
So as for the trash we usually have 1 can this week I have 8 additional bags all just junk we had no need for.
The Grandmas Grandma G and Grandma M could not have been more opposite. On was married one was divorced. On was born in the 30s one in the early teens.
Grandma G never met a stranger and no matter what happened had a positive out look.
Grandma M is maybe the most comical person I ever met with the darkest sense of humor.
The best part they loved each other.
How they rubbed off and me and effect what I am doing now really is what makes me laugh. When going over art I have to keep several walls available for family I have no real memory off or who the photos of are older than either of my grands who are both sadly gone now.
Why is simple. Grandma M instilled in me the firm belief that those people watch over you and you need to let them know you appreciate it.
I also always have to leave room for a cross in every room just about. Why because Grandma G taught me it was like a blessing for each room. So while my religious views vary far from hers a devout catholic. I think the house looks naked with out them.
Grandma M taught me to judge keeping a item only on if you will be happy to see it when you dust it at least once a week. She would of applauded the trash pile.
Grandma G taught me as Great Grandma S taught her to always keep a nice cup set and sugar set on hand for when people swing by and some little some thing sweet in the house. I do not know how many times this has come in handy. To this day if I have guest coming and know it I buy donuts because my Great Grandma S always had a love of Dunkin donuts.
Heck I play music they listened to when working, My kitchen has lilac curtains that remind me of one of there favorite flower.
so in closing on this unduly long rant. Next time you do to design or do any thing really think about where your preferences come from. Do not get me wrong there is always room for change but I find a real comfort that it feels almost like they while both long gone have helped to make my house a home.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Redecorating The Bathroom

And first comes purging. So with a desire to redecorate I went with my bathroom first. It needs the least help and then I can mark it off my list. Well before I bring in new things it was time to take out the old. I went into the medicine cabinets, every thing and toss half used old shampoos and such then I went for the holy grail. The make up box.
I once needed a vanity for the load of toiletries I carted around but I had gotten it to just a large shoe box sized box. Well seeing as I believe to change one thing you need to change every thing I got radical. I picked out the cutest antique pepper mill box I had that I painted black because some one tried to take the varnish off. I loved it but never thought it could hold my essentials.
Well after tossing out 80% of my so called essentials I can now find what I want faster and even have all my lotions and eye creams in there to.
My rule was if I had not used it in 1 week it went. And as a gift to myself for doing so well I get to take a gift card I have to bath n body works and get myself a treat.

Rethinking what you have. I love this old box. It is a candy box from the late 40s early 50s. It has a raised relief of roses and that blue tile. But the poor thing has died. It has held my special treat myself soaps for years. It is time to let it go. So the lid may become wall art and who knows the box a tooled leather may be part of my next assemblage. But either way it is frayed and the lid came off time to take it out of the bathroom.

Let there be light. I had a really nice thick old fairy paper shade that was cute when we moved in. However it had faded and got cracks and was no longer cute but more Tinkerbell gone wrong. The bathroom is very small and only has one light which is over the sink. So I frosted the glass in the window with glass frost I already had and now I have tons of light and great privacy. For instance there is a house on the other side of that frost and you cannot see it.
Well I hope you like my redecorating ideas. When I finish the bathroom I will show you the whole thing.
ps. My gratitude list this week as it is Wednesday.
1. For spring cleaning yay
2. Most important to me my little dog feels all better who was sick last week.
3. For the awesome trade I did this week getting some Marshmallows I will be sure to let you all know how they are.
4. For the lovely weather we are in the 70s today friggin yay.
5. For the small buzz I have from the frosting the windows lol

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brand New Day

Hello all it is Tuesday and life is good. My little dog was sick and as it turned out it was just a ruptured gland. While unpleasant she will be just fine. Because while yes she is 11yrs old I firmly expect her to live to be 20 hehe. OK so beyond my wishful thinking I do have a new adventure to share.
I spent 2 days just sitting in my living room with my dog so I could make sure she did not irritate her butt. So while sitting there it occurred to me my house need a redecorated. I don't think I never spent that much time just sitting there and now I want to change it all.
Now because I think I am funny I am hoping to do this entire redecoration by only doing several things.
1. Trading bartering of any kind for every thing from paint to fabric to who knows by the end maybe furniture.
2. Thrift stores
3. free cycle
4. Reuse and recycle of things I already have
So before I start with the bringing of things in it is time to purge.
I will be taking a photograph of our trash tomorrow and talking about how much stuff I have been throwing out over the last few days.
So start getting ready to hand me some crafty ideas.
ps. The picture up top is just a weird thing I did to entertain myself.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Howdy all the winner is Erica

Hi all I drew a number one of 3 lol out of a box and it was 2 so I will be contacting her to find out where to send my unicorn print.
Talk to ya all later

Friday, March 5, 2010

So Today Is A little Blue

Well one of my little dogs is sick so I am going to pretty much be focused on her for the next couple of days. I found a big swollen bump on her backside yesterday and the vet is on top of it but I am nervous.
So I will be spending all my time following her around like a deranged mother hen the next few days.
Talk to ya soon
PS. I will draw for the giveaway on Monday so feel free to enter :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a little Giveaway

Howdy all well today I wanted to do some thing a little fun. As you all know I ask every week what you are grateful for so here is the contest. Just follow the blog and leave me a comment telling me what you are grateful for. All you need to tell me is just one thing and you are entered to win a 5x7 print of this painting. This contest is available in the U.S. and Canada Currently. Please leave me a way to get a hold of you to get your address.
Thanks so much for taking the time to enter now on with my own gratitude list.
I am grateful for so much this week.
1. I am grateful that what the husband did to fix the car appears to be still working wonderfully which puts my mind at ease.
2. I am grateful for the fun of watching all the cardinals and little finches in the backyard yesterday. They are so cute I just love them.
3. I am grateful for the warm weather that is coming are way. I want to open every window and breath some fresh new life in this house.
4. For finding stuff we forget we had I love digging threw random boxes of destash in my art cave and finding surprises.
5. For the Facts of Life Show. I have a cold and am enjoying watching it while nyquilled up on the couch.
So what are you grateful for this week.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Monday and Goals For the Week

So it is monday morning I have finished the coffee and I am going to start with my list of goals for the week.
This week the big goals are get my shipping supplies ordered from usps as I have run myself out.
list the ton of things I have just sitting there.
Create the painting I have in my mind for my latest naughty series.
Yoga and meditation at least 4 times.
No on to the weekend. I went it very worried turned out hubby fixed the car with out a horrible bill. Yes a bill but nothing earth shattering. I got some really cool pics like the one above of birds migrating back north. You have to love the heralds of spring.
My art work is coming along awesomely. I have a large jewelery chest I was upcyling almost done. I am so happy with how things are coming along. So that was my weekend oh and add some rum and really bad hulu.
Take Care All