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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This painting was inspired by a conversation and comment from Shannon or VixensJewelry she said some one she new was a major Asshat and needed not just a normal hat but a sombrero because it was the biggest hat. I hope this brings much giggling.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and a little bonus

So before I get to my usual rant I want to take note that HiBird the great shop I featured yesterday wrote me with a little bonus for you all. She said to let you know that if you purchase from her and put "Cappy" in the note to seller she will issue a paypal 10% refund. How sweet is that. So again here is her shop just in case you are to lazy to scroll down hehe
Now on to my usual nonsense. I was coming back up the stairs to the art cave and looked up and out the window at how beautiful it is outside with the wind and the sun and a cool 70 degrees. So I took a photo just to appreciate it. I hope you like it.
On to the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for a lovely ring I won on the Kansas etsy street teams giveaway. There will be pictures soon. I love it and keep picking outfits just to match.
2. That it is so pretty out I do not remember the last day the Air conditioning was on. Not only great for money but also great to have the breeze coming in the house.
3. For my friends many of my odd cohorts and worked their way out of the wood to tell me hello this week and it has been much loved and enjoyed. Some times you can easily forget how great friends are wonderful.
4. For the poor husband who is working loads of overtime this week and next and his only complaints are lack of sleep and time with me and his cat. That is a good husband.
5. For finally being done with the reorganization of my art cave. I have been in and out all this week but am still doing much more production because it is better organized.
6. Oh this is just funny but I got asked to do another radio interview. Now of course they wrote I responded and never heard back but ya know it is still just as exciting when asked. However I really should try to figure out how I am running them off.
So what are you grateful for this week?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop HiBird pefect for when it hits the fan

Ok so as you all know I love to bring you truly original shops. Well this one I also came across on Regretsy. When I had her help me get together a fathers day present I knew I had to share her with you all.
The Seller is HiBird her shop is great and always welcoming. She ships great I got mine in a Up cycled soda bottle. Which is awesome because it is green and the bottles are spotless and best of all your mail man will shake his head the whole way to your door. Now I want to introduce you to my favorites in her shop.
I love this because in the listing HiBird tells you about her husband and his journey with Non-hodgkins Lymphoma. She even welcomes you to read about his story at and the page name is cridersworkshop. I think being that open on the Internet which can often be full of vultures shows just how much heart her and her hubby have. Not to mention what a great gift for some one who has dealt with cancer and who in this day and age does not know some one who has had cancer. OK before I get into gushy teary eyed mode lets move on.

This is her world famous Regretsy Toilet paper. It cracks me up I love how it is placed on cards.
I can just imagine the surprise when some one gets this as a present.

Now these are the two she made me to go in a gift basket for my dad for fathers day. Thankfully my father does not do computers so no worries of him seeing this. These are inside and nasty family jokes that I will spare you the gory details to but I think you can figure it out. What I love though is how perfect and one of a kind these are. They will make his day. I cannot believe I am the only person out there with a Bathroom humor father so what better time to feature this shop than prior to fathers day.
So if you want to have a good laugh and maybe get some really cool one of a kind items like her other stuff such as a panty liner book mark check out this shop.
thanks and have a great day all.

Monday, April 26, 2010

More pictures from the weekend storm

I love all the helicopters in this second one and just thought you all might like to see. Well have a good day. I got a custom and some painting to go get to work on :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So we had a little Tornado Weather

In my immediate few miles there was a tornado sighting and ping pong ball sized hail. From all reports no one was injured and only minor property damage for the most part. So as the storm rolled in and out I snapped some cloud pics. Thought I would share those.

Have a great Sunday


oh the last one I told the computer to give it proper color we did not have rose monster clouds upon us.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gold Lame and other disturbing things

Gold Lame I suspect might be magic. Why is simple. I have noticed when any one else has gold lame it never looks good. The only time it looks good it when you buy it or make some thing of it. For instance making this it seemed kind cute to me. Then After imagining if I saw it walking down the street I laughed out loud picturing the poor mislead fashionista that would have it in her hands. This did nothing to stop me from listing it because I suspect there are others our there like me who would carry this bag proudly just for the fun of the stares.

So beyond the whole bag of humor I am working today on several things. One is a mural which I will be heading of shortly to work on and second it the redo of the house. Yep that is still going on. So I have started putting pretty white decorative paper in the back of my enclosed bookcase. Next it may get some marble sticky paper or the shelf parts. I can just feel the absurd coming on.
So with that have a good weekend yall and yes there will be pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Old Treasure

OK so since I can remember I have been collecting odd little things. I found this when I was maybe 18 that was a while ago let just say and picked it up because it was different. Now some near 12yrs later I find it in a box of vintage. I started looking into it and it appears to be a creamer from a tea set from India during the British Empire days. How crazy it is that is ended up in a sleepy little suburb of St.Louis in the hands of a 18yr old. So today I am going to try and find out more about it.
Just thought I would share this weird little story

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Featured Shop Helps Animals Pomegranite80

OK so I found this wonderful seller via Regretsy and have been in love with her donkeys ever since. She makes and sells them to support her miniature donkey rescue. She not only creates these whole dioramas but writes the most comical little poetry rhymes to go with each item. My package came super fast and she packaged it up great and it was like opening a present. So as you all know I have been working on sprucing up the house. I did not buy this with that in mind I just loved it and wanted one as a little present to myself. Then after I thought about it how perfect to add some fun to my bathroom. So here it is in a place of honor just in front of Elvis.
Here are some other fantastic donkeys from her shop.

I am fending off the desire to grab this laundry one till I get to sprucing up my laundry room. So to me getting some thing and helping animals is just a great win win so here is a link if you would like to add some of her cute beyond imagination items to your shop. I love her quirky style and would recommend her to any one who loves some thing truly unusual.
Thanks yall have fun checking it out

Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning From Others

Well it is ungodly early here 6:30 here and well usually with the hubby's shifts the regular morning here is closer to 8:30. So I got this photo of my big fat kitty here relaxing against Alf. The reason I am showing this picture is that when I saw how relaxed my kitty looks I realized he is way smarter than me. Peabs short for Peabody his name earned from constantly being urinated on by his kitten siblings has the right idea.
He never stresses and if he feel stress coming on he takes a nap. So this weekend as I realized I had turned my cold into a infection and was coughing blood. Had stressed so much over missing a opportunity and some thing else completely out of my control that I had managed to lock my neck up so I could not even turn it.
That was when it occurred to me to try a little experiment over the weekend. Every time I felt stressed I forced relaxation.
I took a nap when I could not figure out how to do some thing. I watched a silly movie I love as opposed to work on some thing I did not have to finish. When family stuff beyond my control occurred I grilled and went on a picnic drive with husband.
I am happy to report that this morning my cold seems better, I have creatively solved several issues and I can now mostly turn my head.
So my little thought for today is to never ignore the idea of learning from others even if it happens to be your cat.
have a great day yall

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The God Phone

Hello all it is a gorgeous weekend here. I am washing the dogs and then working on a custom and soon hopefully getting to paint. Life is good spring flowers are coming along. The mulberry tree has berries starting. As soon as they go bad there will be drunk birds and squirrels in my yard which is always fun.
Last night tried to sew a gold super hero mask came out looking more like a gold colon. That was OK because my cat is very happy and has taken to dragging it all over the house. He currently has it sitting on top of his stuff dog and Alf doll pile of animals he romances.
So on the the God Phone. As of late I have had a lot of run ins with people who seem to know every thing. In fact if you do not view every thing the same as them you are a sinner and bound for hell. Me personally I feel that no book can offer more than human opinion of what God wants us all to do and that we only have our hearts to follow. But well those people seem pretty sure so I figure maybe God does sit up there some where in his home office because well God is to cool to have a 9 to 5. While he is there he calls these people and tells them what he wants done and how. This is my little thought of what Gods phone may look like.
I truly mean this to offend no one. In my opinion God clearly has a sense of humor and would be cool with the joke. If not then I was going to burn a long time ago any way.
Have a great weekend

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gizmo And Me

So when I was a little the only thing more disheartening than calling to wish that damn snuggles bear a happy birthday and getting a automated message was finding out gizmo was not a living being. When I saw this in one of my many boxes of vintage madness I thought why not share it so he is going to my shop.
After seeing him last night I had a dream Gizmos car there was a 2 seater and we were driving around in it. If I remember correctly I was screaming in horror that Gizmo was driving. That little fuzz ball is erratic.
After a lot of allergy meds and such I can only expect those kinds of dreams. So I wanted to share the weirdness with you all.
whats your weirdness??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and New clay stuff

Howdy all it has been a good week still getting over the cold I had while most symptoms are gone allergies or what not still have my throat very sore and congested. I have coughed so much I sound like a x rated version of Micky Mouse. What can I say I cuss a lot.
The little clay thing above started out as a bassinet magnet. Now I am thinking it looks more like a ruffled little pastel Mrs.Pacman.
So on to the gratitude list.
1. I am very grateful for our anniversary yesterday been married to the hubby 8yr and with him 10. To my surprise neither of us has attempted murder on the other so I am very happy about that.
2. For the nice friends I have made doing this regretsy book from the Author April to the people in it. They have all been so friendly and nice it feels like our own little club.
3. Very grateful for my sister. She is crazy mad as a hatter and very picky and blah blah blah but I was just reminded of how she had cancer a few years ago and made a full recovery. Some how the picky matters way less and the laughing matters way more.
4. Grateful for the husband as when I mentioned it was our anniversary he was a saint about me not feeling good and did every thing he could think up to make it still very special. I have a wonderful husband.
5. For crazy dreams especially those induce by NyQuil because well I have plenty of new inspiration.
What are you grateful for ?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I learned This last week

Howdy all well I have been sick not about to die or any thing just a big cold the last few days but thankfully most of that has cleared up.
I spent the time off spring cleaning as I cannot stand to sit and do nothing. The work you see above is a altered image from a pastel that I did when I was about 16 or so. I am confused by many parts of this like why the dolphin is in orange water and shooting pink water from his nose. Then the mystifying underwater unicorn is a fright. And last but not least the vary weird shape of the mermaids face. I figure altered it is at least a little more fun.
Last night I sat down to journal I like to keep a sorta inventory of what I do because otherwise a week from then I will have no idea what happened.
Any how I realized I had learned a lot this week and I wanted to share.
1. Apparently I drank more than I realized as a teen hence the underwater unicorn.
2. Cats will steal any thing no matter how dull if they have reason to believe you might want it.
3. when you open a box of keepsakes and can only identify where about 20% of it comes from it might be time to just toss the whole damn thing.
4. if you have saved a item for a project over 2 yrs toss it. yes that's right just toss it.
5. If you journal don't bother putting in the stuff that pisses you off when you go back and read it you will just be pissed off all over again.
6. This is the most important of all the things I learn. Never ever under any circumstances let your significant other have any thing to do with your alarm clock if you really need to be some where.
I hope you all have a great day and would love to hear what you learned over the weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiny Gray Bubbles

So recently every thing has been a whirlwind of fun but I had not had time to catch up on my painting. The last few nights I have had this same dream about this guy sitting there in a brown room that is lit by candles. He has clearly had his lips cut off and still has blood on his face. He keeps trying to sing and all that comes out is little tiny gray bubble and music notes but no sound.
Not that it has any thing to do with the real world but well it is odd and strange and why not share the odd and strange. Surprisingly enough I have a cold and am about to go take some more NyQuil.
Have a great day all

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best F#@$ing Gratitude Wednesday Ever

Now it is only 12:30 a.m. so this is most likely my earliest gratitude wednesday ever. The photo I took earlier today or tuesday of a female cardinal. I just thought she was pretty and I would share.
So my husband had a late work meeting which left me at home late night with my brand spanking new Regretsy book. The thing is just stunning. I laughed just as hard at the stories of
Aprils life as I did at the mocking of our crafts. I read the whole thing from cover to cover and am so glad I did. It really really inspired what I am sure will be a new flourish of horrible paintings from my shop and just made for a great inspirational read. I never take myself to serious and it is so fun to read some thing that carries the same message.
So on to the gratitude list because well tomorrow I am sleeping in.
1. I am ever so grateful for being a part of the book and all thinks Regretsy. Not going to get mushy because well if I keep mentioning April in my gratitude list she may start thinking I am trying to date her.
2. I am grateful for my husband who proudly announced to any one he happened across that we were picking up a book his wife was in. He also directly asked me after I read my parts "are you OK? they were not to me? " the man is entirely to sweet and convinced one day he will find out I am made of glass.
3. For my Father and sister who took us out for steaks and fun. Watching my dad read it and laughing made the day. As well my sister who informed me she is taking it to show the ladies she works with tomorrow.
4. For my cat who passed gas on the neighbor today that was just freaking perfect and made me think he might need a whole tuna or some thing.
5. For finding the spray can today out shopping for the vintage shop I have a very evil idea I cannot wait to create.
6. For some thing else that just hit me today when I bought some garnet beads. That you really can make for yourself damn near any thing you need or want. That is very liberating to think that way and it made me smile.
So what are you all grateful for today.

The Regretsy Book Came Out And I Am In It

First no this is not in the Regretsy Book this is just odd and fit the day. So for months now I have been excited. Finally the Regretsy Book has come out. I have 3 things in there and all of her comments made me laugh so loud I got looks.
So this afternoon I took my happy butt to the Borders and bought the book. yes I have a copy coming but hey how often can you walk into a book store and buy some thing your in. So I then hung out with the family and we all snorted and giggled in the cafe then went out to lunch.
It was a really fun weird day and I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of it.
Thank you April if you happen to read this.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yay Tomorrow The Regretsy Book Comes Out

Hello all I am to freaking excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow The Regretsy book comes out.
I am also sad to say my interview had to be postponed but next week I should be on the radio. Which is actually a silver lining because that way I have a little publicity post Regretsy book coming out.
I am just having a great day it is sunny one minute then showers the next and I am playing out side when I can and painting when I cant.
Well how was your Easter all?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

some thing cute for the weekend

Howdy all just wanted to give you some thing cute to see for the weekend :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My April Fool

So these are photos one is obviously a clay figure inspired by husband it is going to be on his birthday cake. Yes I realize his head is mutant large and he has yet to receive pupils in his eyes but that is all coming. I just tossed on the other picture of him with the kitten so you could see he does not have a giant head.
The poor guy has no idea I have eggs in his shoes, vicks vapor rub on the front door handle and a few other bits of fun waiting for him. Also thankfully he never reads my blog either lol.
Happy April Fools