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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Some Other Crap

So first out of a duty to the weird I must say "it's peanut butter jelly time". Now with that out of the way let me work out the gratitude stuff. This week has been great I have so much done in fact I am taking a day off to just write pretty much.
1. I am grateful for the fact I seem to be getting on those little things caught up which helps me to relax. Recently I have been having sleep terrors and waking nightmares which are always more frequent when stressed. So less stress means more nights I sleep like a normal person. For those nights I am eternally grateful.

These are my crazy new poop earrings I just make them because they make me laugh. 2. I am grateful for the fact my father seemed to have a ball at the little event we had for him for fathers day. He drives me crazy and call s with weir questions, shares tmi about his bodily happenings but he will not be around forever and I am so glad we have this time together.

What can I say but this is my disco pig. I love her. 3. I am grateful that my sister has had a great vacation after having a very stressful few months before. always makes me happy to see her happy.

Meet the Candy man hat made from a old jello mold I beat the crap out of. 4. I am grateful that I had a really good time going out to the river even with the heat and getting photos which are soon to come. It always feels like home.
5. I am grateful to my kitty for the last 3 days he has broke some thing. While yes I know him breaking some thing does not sound good it was all crap I hate and will no longer have to clean so really a win win.
So what are you grateful for this week?
love cappy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I learned This last 2 weeks

Hello all yes I know I was supposed to write on Saturday but well I got so into this constantly being active thing I sorta ran out of time. Any how I have learned several things over the last week and I wanted to share them. First the kitty pillow above is real cute but well it started as just a wall hanging. I have learned I can sew very and I emphasize very simple things. Any thing very difficult and I cannot sew it. This is good to know as it helps me plot future creative endeavours.
I have learned I do like making jewelry more than I thought and I am actually pretty happy with my casual cocktail rings. Which is nice as I love to occasionally realize I do have some skills not just drive. Also it is a great reminder to never stop broadening your horizons.

I have learned no matter what you do to it a kotex with googley eyes is just fucking creepy. I made this as part of a effort a group of friends are doing to get April Winchell on the Chelsea Handler show. They are both very comical to me so I would love to see this. I also learned I should not be allowed to own foam stickers.

I learned that I can really add more dimension to my stores if I so chose. These are my new line of kid napkins and rings. Meant to be fun and encourage manners with kids at the dinner table. After all I would like just once to see my nieces or nephew not grab a sleeve when they finished dining.
I also learned that I am not good at keeping up with this blog right now as I am trying to get so much done. So I am going to keep doing my Wednesday post over the summer but that will pretty much be it.
So in closing I am grateful for
1. my friends
2. my hubby
3. coffee coffee coffee
4. for my little dog who needs butt surgery but is not in bad pain and really old so we may not do it for fear it will kill her as her little heart is a bit weak we will deciede while we save up for it. I am grateful that she loves to snuggle and play.
5. I am grateful my kitty has a healthy little paw and is back to playing in the world.
so what have you learned and what are you grateful for this week.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Challenge Update

So why am I starting off with this giant ring? Because I got photos of it and the pitcher that I needed to help me get them dated and identified.
It is a very very hot summer day here. I am thinking it may be time for some margaritas. OK I will wait till after noon.
So here is how I did with my list this week.
1. I wanted to finish the rewrites on my book. Well I started them but kept putting it off and suddenly it was Friday. so that is a no.
2.I have been working on my secret project for kids and am pretty proud hoping to list some of it in the next few days. so that is a yes.
3. I got about half the aceos I wanted to do done. that is a no.
4. one bathroom cozy down and one to go which I will do today so I am counting that as a yes.
5. Quilt is not finished as I ran out of thread. I have picked up more and will see if I can swing it by midnight. However that is still a no.
6. I did reorganize the fridge but the bills and pantry only partly. so that is a no.
7. art fire is only 50% spiffed so that is a no
8. have done my yoga feeling nice and limber so that is a yes
9. made lots of new clay stuff this week so that is a yes.
10. I did get a little photography time in very happy with the results so that is a yes.
11. yep got photos for flickr so that is a yes .
this means that I am 5 no and 6 yes which is better than half and many of those things are partly done. So I am happy as well I will try even harder next week. I am going to come back and write out my to do list for next week.
So what goals have you met this week?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ugly Necklaces and Gratitude Wednesday

OK so I am going to start with the madness that is that photograph. My friend Brightcircle she is in my trading group and a Etsy friend sent me a link to this little gem she made. She knows I love Regretsy so she thought I would appreciate her efforts to make a truly fugly necklace. And as I do here is a link to her shop so you can see all her stuff even the less disturbing.
Now on to the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the fact my kitty has a fast healing little paw.
2. That my dog blames my husband even though I am the one who puts her but medication on her. Not sure why but hey she still runs over to snuggle me.
3. For the fun and cuteness of the half grown raccoon that was first on my porch then on the roof last night. It was just really cute.
4. For my husband who never stops surprising me with his sweetness.
5. For the adventures I have been having as of late I needed to shake things up a bit.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Challenge

Ok Recently I have felt just over whelmed like I could not really get every thing done I wanted. So I have tried every way possible to get a break here or a break there. Every time I have done this I only come back feeling guilty that I took a break because I thought of all the things I should have done. So This is my logic. I am going to take the summer and do every freaking thing I possibly can I am going to work from the moment my little eyes pop open till I go to bed. I want to see what will happen if I put that kind of force into all the things I want to do. It might be a burning out but it may also be a huge clearance of things.
So Each week I am going to have a to do list. I will be doing it from Friday to Friday. So here is the list for this week.
1. finish the book I have nearly finished writing for almost 2 yrs. I need to go back and do rewrites that is all. Just finish it. later I can get it cleaned up and decide if I want to try and market it.
2. Work on a new secret project for my craft shop. It is some thing I made a long time ago for kids and I want to try to do again.
3. get 10 aceos done as I tend to have them sell fairly fast out of my shop
4. Finish the cozies for the bathroom I am 90% done in there and have yet to finish
5. Finish first hanging lap quilt it is coming along cute but I wander off.
6. reorganize the bills, fridge, and the pantry I can find nothing in any of them.
7. finish filling up my artfire shop do a general spiffing up of the place.
8. Yoga or work out for at least 5 days I always feel better when I do it.
9. make some new clay items
10. do some playing with the photography and try to get some new prints going
11. take photos of things I need help identifying age on for flickr
OK that is my list besides all my usual stuff . If I finish it all early I will add to it and if I finish it all on time yay. Either way this is going to be the summer of action for me.
What is your goal?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gratitude Wendsday

Howdy all been a busy but crazy and fun week here.
I have lots to be grateful for.
1. I turned 32 and was taken all over the place and got some great gifts. Always nice to feel so very loved.
2. My Regretsy Cosmic Yak mug showed up I actually smiled before I got done with the coffee when I used it.
3. creativity seems limitless currently at times it seems to shrink to nothing but right now it is in full bloom. God help the poor people that have to see my work.
4. For exercise as we have been overwhelmed with a lot of stress from things breaking, family issues, pets having to see the vet a lot I find it very easy to get down or nervous. Exercise always helps me to keep my head on straight.
5. for the fact my little kitty will be done with his paw surgery and home Friday.
So what are you all grateful for this week?
love cappy