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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Nightline

So I have all kinds of things I want to share today from the small to the big. First this bag above is one of several Halloween bags I am working on for a craft fair in September. If you want to see them in my shop just let me know.
Now I have lots I want to tell you about that I am grateful for this week.
1. I am grateful that when our car started acting ugly again it cost very little to get it fixed. I immediately get a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach when it acts weird at all like it is on deaths door. I need to stop doing that but I am still so happy just the same.
2. I am grateful for the small breaks in heat we have been having. I have some serious issues when it gets super hot with being outside. I burn like a chicken in a BBQ to steal a country line. So these wonderful cooler days have let me have some mucking around time.
3. I am grateful that when my dog who had her butt act up yet again seems to be recovering fine and is mainly concerned with when they will be getting their next pig feet.
4. I am grateful as often is mentioned to April Winchell who created Regretsy. Her the book, and several really great and unique artist and crafters were on Nightline last night. I am so happy and proud of them. Think she is so sweet and glad to see her getting the credit she deserves. Then as a extra sweet bonus the book that I am in her book was featured to which is always good for business.
5. I am soo grateful for this yesterday I was cutting down some over grown shrubbery and saw some thing move. I almost tree trimmed a poor little Garter snake. They are harmless and eat any thing from insect to mice I think so I did not want to do it any harm. I picked it up by the tail and moved it out of my bushes where it could slide off under the porch. I would of felt terrible if I had hurt it.

So what are you grateful for and here is the link to the Nightline bit if you would love to see these fun funny folks

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rainbows are my new role model

I took this photo after a storm last week. I have had it in my mind constantly. I realized that what I love about rainbows is that they shine in dark skies. They are surrounded by myths of absurd to cute. They are known to be lucky and are just flat out pretty. So I am going to do my best to gather these qualities in myself. I shall start wearing reflective clothing, going out with short people and making my dogs wear little fake horns when we walk. Then to send it over the top I shall make a big fuzzy dice necklace what could be more lucky than that. I hope this adventure into the nonsensical land of absurd was fun :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Bits of the past

The above photo is of my great great grand parents. They were farmers and raised lots of children. They adopted a child when they already had 8 of their own. The Mrs. was very outspoken on womans rights and from all acounts they fawned over my mother like she was a cherub. I have a lot of photos of relatives like this and family items that have been handed down. This week my goal has been to get more of them out there to be seen. I often have the feeling these faces from the past look over us and I want to respect that. So I am grateful for these fragments of them to keep them alive in our hearts. I love the idea that your never really go if some one remembers you.
This is my grandmothers grammar school diploma. It has her name on the back in my great grandmothers handwriting. I love it and have had it for 2 years sitting in a box. Now when I see it I am instantly reminded of my grandmothers tales of her youth. I am even working on a journal of those stories so they will live on past me and not be forgotten. So I am grateful for the fact that putting this stuff out has reminded me that every thing is small in a way. That no problem is really as big as it seems at the moment.
now other things I am grateful for are.
3. I am grateful for getting in Stangefolk this year. I loved it the first year and cannot wait to see all the booths and have a ball.
4. I am grateful that my husband had a vacation day and we really just relaxed and had a good time. I figure we are pretty lucky been married 8 together 10 years and we still love a day alone together.
5. I am grateful for my friend Bindi and my sister who both knowing my love of snail mail have sent me fun stuff this week.
So what are you grateful for?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Howdy all I have had a very good couple of days and wanted to share the news. First a reporter did a story about this horrible new filter that could lead to total mature censorship on Etsy. Here is a link to the story please pass it around to any one you can. I think those that shop there really need to know what is going on.
I am ever so grateful to this woman for doing the story but I did want to point out one thing. I did mention Ghettos and that some one did compare it in the thread to WWII but no I did not. While I think all Censorship is horrible it is not comparable to genocide. However we talked a lot and I talk fast so I am still so happy she did a great job with the story.

On way less important news but still very cool I got into the Strangefolk Festival for september. Links and how to visit if you can coming soon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and Some More home Fix ups

This was the next step in the house redecoration project I have been doing for some time now. I took down the dark 70s fabric curtains that did not give as much privacy and were so old they had worn out wholes in them and I put up all white sheers. They give some privacy but also make the sun porch like a light box perfect for taking my photos.
These are the old curtains ick going in the trash tonight.
Now on with the gratitude list.
1. I am grateful for the dragonfly I saw last night. I think they are a sign of good luck and cannot wait to see what happens.
2. I am grateful for my sweet husband who cannot help but tell the truth for instance when he saw a accident at work he was apparently the only person out of about 50 that would tell the police what he saw. Gotta love a honest guy.
3. I am grateful for the fun and freedom that comes with changing up your home. I cannot wait till it cools off and I can go enjoy my sun porch more now that is looks way prettier.
4. I am grateful for music last night I listened to about 30 oldies and just could not stop smiling. There is nothing I enjoy more than music. Well except maybe getting frisky but I will keep the blog pg.
5. I am grateful for good coffee, sweet friends, family, pets, the feeling the God however you see God is watching out for me.
Off to enjoy the day
love cappy
ps. What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Things Make A House A Home

So any Normal person looking at this would probably see a random collage of crap. I see that to but it is my crap so that's OK. I have forever been trying to get this bookcase to look perfect. When I finally realized that was just not going to happen because I wanted it personal and person is rarely perfect it started to work.
I pulled out our memorabilia boxes. The ones with the stuff that is weird but you just have to have it. I also pulled out those family heirlooms that do not match any thing so you keep them hidden away. So those 2 things have built a home here in my bookcase and I love it. I put contact paper on the bottom of the shelf and scrapbook paper in a white embossed patter on the back to give it a real pop.
The top shelf has the family bible which I list every one including like family members in as they go. All kinds of old records and papers I have collected. Some bookends my sister painted for me. All things I love and hold dear.
The second shelf has our wedding photo, my grandfathers mug, my 3 stooges plate because it was one of the first things me and the hubby liked. A car the hubby made as a kid, a Spam can he made into a belt buckle as a gag because many moons ago that was his nickname. Seeing those little things makes me smile every time I pass by. So nights like tonight when it has been a long few days and I feel a little low it is wonderful to look over and see these little things.
Would love to know what you do to make your house a home.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday Wonderful Week

This is just one of my most recent creations and it is silly but makes me smile so why not come share it with you. So on to the gratitude list.
Today many of my gratitude items will have links just because I want to share the love.
1. I am grateful I have a sense of humor. The forums on Etsy have been full of crybabies carrying on oh poor me I was featured on Regretsy. Not sure if it is my lack of ability for drama. Maybe it is my love of mocking and dark humor but truly I can say after a week of cryabeetus victims showing there backsides that I am ever so grateful for the ability to laugh and for Regretsy. So with out further adieu the link
2. I am very grateful for my wonderful trade group. I got the most wonderful smelling perfume from one of my friends for some of my magnets. I got one called Bikini queen and I love it. So here is a link her shop she also has some lovely jewelry . She is also hilarious which makes her lots of fun to deal with.
3. I am grateful for my husband who took his turn with the extra funds to buy the dog a runner for the kitchen linoleum. She is scared of the sound her paws make on it. Yep he is that kind of a sweetheart. We will need to get a second one and I am going to do that when it is my turn because well she is just not happy with 5ft of carpet. But what a good guy I married.
4. I am grateful for Abba oddly enough. What can I say I forgot they existed and needed some new work out music. Mama Mia makes me laugh.
5. I am grateful for the ability to keep making new things and trying new things. For instance I am very happy with my new card line. I have some of my penis obsession works on cards, regular wacky ones all kinds of fun.
so thanks for reading all my madness and please let me know what you are grateful for this week.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Spirit Of Adventure

This is my newest little painting. It was inspired by a wonderful man I knew. When I was very little 4 or 5 Mr.Clark was my neighbor. Him and Mrs.Clark were just wonderful people. He was one of my fill in Gramps and both of mine were gone by the time I was a toddler.
Mr.Clark was one of those people who had gusto for everything he ever did. He drove a huge station wagon like it was a tank. Would stop traffic in a huge line so he could pull out with style. He cut his grass on his giant riding lawn mower with what I can only describe as aviator goggles and a big red scarf.
He liked our dog that was a laundry thief because it had no use for the boundaries of the yard. They would regularly go and take the walk to the mail box together. Mr.Clark with a cane that had a shiny strip and Max our dog just happy to be with his friend.
Mr.Clark told me I was a pistol and did everything in his power to encourage adventure in my personality to my mothers great dismay. Just recently I remembered what a fun man he was and how he effected me and wanted to share his zest for life.
He is gone now has been for over a decade but to this day when I am doing something just to be absurd I smile and think of Mr. &Mrs. Clark. So today as we get ready to celebrate our few remaining freedoms I want to encourage you with the spirit of Mr.Clark to go have a adventure.
After all your a pistol.
Happy 4th