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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday I will be grateful damnit.

I picked this little ring to display because I wanted to work on that whole silver lining thing. I woke up today in a very non grateful place. In the middle of the night I was having some kind of monster fighting nightmare. When I lunged in my dream to stab the monster I lunged in real life flat out of the bed onto the floor and hurt my knee. What made me really cranky is I had big plans all worked out of how I was going to sew next week but mostly paint this week for a show I have coming up. So as I felt all sorry for myself I wanted to kick my own ass and bucked up. I have no idea if this was just a weird thing that happened or if maybe next week I will have some extra painting inspiration. What I do know is I am not going to sit and do nothing. There will be some sewing like I am on a mission going on till this clears up. After all I do this about 3-4 times a year.
So here is my gratitude list.
1. For my friend who when I told her some thing I was going to send her would go out late was perfectly sweet and mostly trying to make me laugh about the knee.
2. That my sister had the sense to tell my dad he did not have allergies he was sick so they should not come over this week. See there is always a way it could be worse.
3. That I am already getting little spooky things happening I love this season.
4. That I got lots of fabric so I should not run out of things to do.
5. for my wonderful husband who could not be any sweeter.
so what are you all grateful for.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Decoration Lots of Fun

This is some thing I am sure many people have done but me and a kid did this one and have had a ball. I took 2 small cardboard boxed and cut out the roof and used the other as a base. I hot glued the roof and all the add ons. one coat of black craft paint and we glued some sheer bright fabrics inside the windows. My friends 10 yr old helped me with this it took us about 5 minutes to decorate it. I had already done the box cutting and painting it black.
I am hoping to have a few more little kids over and we are going to add the finishing touches. If you cut a small hole in the back and run a little village lite in there you have your own fun one of a kind spooky house. I thought this might be a fun idea for the fall as a family craft you can make it super elaborate or very simple. Best of all if you love it you can keep it and pull it out each year if not scrap it and make a new one the next year.
Hope you all like this idea. Also if your not super crafty any major discount store has tons of stuff you could nab to use as add ons.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time for Fall

As you all know I am ever so addicted to all things fall. That would be why I did a giant painting of trick or treaters. I love all the stuff that is coming the cider, smell of pumpkins, rustle of pretty fall leaves and it is all almost here. Hopping up and down like a 5yr old and getting ready to go work on a special project.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine, Coffee and Favorites

It is a little after 7 here and I have a little stack of soon to be sewn items sitting next to me. I spent most of the last half hour just sitting outside with coffee enjoy the 50 degree weather with the sun coming up and drinking coffee. It is a gorgeous morning and nothing keeps me grounded like watching a lovely morning like that unfold.
Now this goofy thing you see above is something I made as a Halloween decoration. I love to try new weird items and I like this enough it may just go up in my shop. Over the last year or so to be honest since I have fallen in with the Regretsy and the Trade group on Etsy I have felt a weird sense of liberation for my crazy. Both groups have been very supportive of making things outside the box. While I had always done that anyway because it is just my natural state I just feel very blessed to know people who still want to see skill and effort but as well a real point of view.
Seeing the works of friends on every thing from giant oil paintings to the friend who makes tutus has been really inspiring. I have no idea what the hell I am ranting about just saying I guess that I love all the creative people in my life. They are my favorites.
Well off to do some listing and sew some stuff.