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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday and stuff

Well I am grateful for so much this week I am not even sure where to begin. I am grateful for the cool weather because frankly Fall was starting to piss me off.
I am grateful that sales have really picked up because I need to buy some new glasses so that will help a lot.
I am grateful for all the laughter many of my friends bring and for people like the lovely April Winchell who runs Regretsy and gives us all a great venue to laugh and do charity help be it big or small on our parts. That means a lot. For instance I could not big or even buy a painting from the current charity effort but I could donate a few bucks directly to the family. If you would like to see here is a link.
I am grateful for hot coffee in the morning with out I would never make it out of bed.
I am grateful for all my furry babies.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Work In Progress

So a week or so ago I started wondering what you could do with iron on transfers. So I went to work. I finally came up with this. I do not like the whole canvas covered but only part. Then if after cool you add a clear workable fixative it holds paint the same as the canvas. I also add a layer of glaze now and then in the layers of paint because it works almost like a little back light. So this is how my mind works. These folks will be zombies when I am done. They are also my great great grand parents I made the image from a portrait of them. So what new things have you tried I would love to hear.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moms Birthday Happy Memories

This painting was inspired by a episode when I was a kid. My mom was like a lamb in with the lions. We were all just shifty children with dark little hearts just like my father. Our idea of humor was most anything we could pull off. My mother was much kinder and gentler. She endured eggs in shoes, sharpie mustaches, vicks vapo rub on everything, soap in her soda, shoe traps, and just in general way more than I could with out killing my kids.
Today is her birthday she has been gone a good while now. I think she would like me to share this injustice she suffered because through all of it she found the humor.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday And Pumpkins

There are so many things to be grateful for in this life. I am going to stick to just 5 today so no one gets exhausted reading my rantings.
1. For the pumpkin date my husband and I had last night. It involves drinking and crafting the above is our handy work.
2. For fall there is nothing about fall I do not like.
3. For the wonderful inspiration I have been lucky enough to have in over abundance the last few weeks. Nothing is better than always wanting to create. At least to me.
4. I am super grateful that my father has opted to go to a dentist for a bad tooth as opposed to just yanking it himself. We had to have the discussion of Dad your not a pioneer go to the dentist but now at least I will not worry.
5. For my wonderful friends who make me laugh all the time.
So what are you grateful for.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shiny new give away

So here is the new big shiny giveaway. I am filling this purse with one new item a day to be listed each day on my FB fan page. You can enter the drawing to win it by doing any one these things.
1. following the Fan page and commenting on the new item each day. only the first comment counts.
2. Send your friends to the page if they like it and post that you sent them that is another entry.
3. Any one who buys any thing from any of my etsy shops gets a entry.
4. Be a fan page fan and comment here if you tell me who you are it will count as a entry as well. again only one per post.
5. There will be questions periodically that you can leave one answer to and that will count as a entry as well.
6. Twitter my shop or fan page or one of my items I will search for anything with the word Cappysue and it if is one of those things it will count as a entry. Again one a day.
I am going to draw on the 29th of October. You do need to live in the United States because well this could get heavy and I cannot afford to be shipping all over the world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back like a bad penny

So I have had so much I want to do the last few months time just seems to slip away from me. What happens is I find myself straying from one mostly finished thing to the next. This is the time for me to make a plan and get back into my list making. I will see you tomorrow with something coherent.