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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom versus Security

I often wonder about this topic when I see things like the airport scanners they are rolling out and hear how people are being treated like they are dangerous for saying no I will not go through that but will submit to the regular search. So many freedoms seem to be just disappearing I mean all the checks and balances for what had to be done to get a wire tap or to do many things to Citizens have all but vanished under the blanket of National security.
I think I am going to have to really start investigating and reporting back what I see going on out there. I have tried to keep my blog about my little world of art, pets and family but anymore I am horrified that it could become easier to just focus on that and ignore the militant state we seem to be bordering a little closer each day.
So I will just ask. What do you consider the limit of value to security versus your personal freedom. I know my views are far more on the side of personal freedom than on the idea of security which I suspect is lacking any how. Let me know yours and I will come back next week with a topic and some figures.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Places To Shop For The Holidays List

I hope your all enjoying Manger Christmas Village kitty above. I wanted to do a list this year of the great places to shop. So here are some places I think you can get really unique and wonderful items at.
I am going to start the list with a shop owned by a person I adore who is making me a custom item for the holidays right now the shop has dinosaur wallets, beautiful jewelry all kinds of cool stuff.
We also have this shop has tons of pretty baubles and beaded bouquets.
This place has very nifty led candles great for those times when actual flames are inconvenient and other goodies as well.
Then if you want to bring a little extra giggle I offer you Soaphyho and her adult novelty soaps sure to bring some chuckles and keep things cheery.
Here is a shop full of gorgeous art work and clay I love her stuff and just drool over it.
Kits shop is a very wide variety shop she has jewelry, art work and is very well known for her lovely and beautiful bottles
Then for the most comical people on your list I offer you The Worst Shop Ever now that is the name not my opinion. My opinion is that these people are insane and hilarious so my favorite kind of people. You can find every thing from Mommie dearest magnets to comical cross stitch and every thing in between.
This shop is super special to me it is owned by a very brave and chuckle inducing woman I know. It has hair pins, Barret's all with a girlish fun feel and a light mood
For the treat lover I have a high end chocolate shop with gorgeous goodies
Then a super sweet lady who has her own blog with knitting patterns and just general sweetness
So this is my best of the best if you want something really special this year these are my suggestions.
Feel free to leave any other great suggestions you have on this post.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Creative Idea for the broke around the holidays

The holidays can be great and have lots of fun wonderful memories but many people feel overwhelmed and like they need to get super gifts for everyone not realizing most of their loved ones will just be happy they thought of them. When we were first married many a loved one got a Christmas cookie sampler box. I still get request for those boxes.

So here is something I learned and wanted to share.

I went to the thrift store the other day looking for several items and saw a bunch of holiday stuff out. My hubs found me this exact item in box just as shown here I love my holiday village as you all know I ranted about it last year and my glee. So we grabbed it. Then a friend saw it and said wow you got that at the thrift shop. So I checked. I got this for $5.00 at the thrift shop. So I started thinking about how many times we think oh no I would never get anyone a gift from the thrift shop. We all expect all gifts from there to be more like this. Horrible dough and doily hell you see at the top.
So this seemed like a good time to remind myself and everyone there are some great bargains to be had there and it could take the weight off this holiday season.
Let me know your tricks I will be sharing more over the season.